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Scale 1/100 PTX-0003C Alteisen SRW Super Robot Wars Origin

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic1 photo 100 Alteisen Pic1_zpstchxnpvv.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic2 photo 100 Alteisen Pic2_zps8wblvgce.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic3 photo 100 Alteisen Pic3_zpswkr9bzxj.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic4 photo 100 Alteisen Pic4_zpsybcvxo1n.jpg

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1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic6 photo 100 Alteisen Pic6_zpshytlup9y.jpg
Comes with this fully painted 12cm trading figure of Alteisen’s pilot, Kyosuke Nanbu.  

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic7 photo 100 Alteisen Pic7_zpsw2fjlo1j.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic8 photo 100 Alteisen Pic8_zpsupw2ipjb.jpg
I bought this trading figure of Excellen Browning by Kotobukiya to reunite the couple 
(sold separately)

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic9 photo 100 Alteisen Pic9_zps1fgvr7j2.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic10 photo 100 Alteisen Pic10_zpsug84k0kz.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic11 photo 100 Alteisen Pic11_zps65yo6sax.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic12 photo 100 Alteisen Pic12_zpscc2ueqy1.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic13 photo 100 Alteisen Pic13_zps7o0kmizt.jpg
Revolver cylinder actually rotates as a gimmick 

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic14 photo 100 Alteisen Pic14_zps5jrjkooz.jpg

 photo 100 Alteisen Pic15_zpsqqydkx3t.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic16 photo 100 Alteisen Pic16_zpsjww3mkwl.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic17 photo 100 Alteisen Pic17_zpsw7nn83iu.jpg
The claymore shelves can also retract and the cover opened up.

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic18 photo 100 Alteisen Pic18_zpsyejp6wnc.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic19 photo 100 Alteisen Pic19_zpssetnw6m0.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic20 photo 100 Alteisen Pic20_zpsxxxtukc4.jpg

1/100 SRW Alteisen Pic21 photo 100 Alteisen Pic21_zpsp6vbfef6.jpg
Size comparison with Master Grade  GM Custom

This model kit came in a huge box and so was the kit after assembly. This red monster by Kotobukiya is one hard to catch item as Kotobukiya's kits are forever limited in quantity. My pace of assembling this kit was pretty slow compared to dealing Bandai's kit as I'm least familiar with Koto kits and I was afraid of breaking the plastic and un-assembling wrong fixture which can be a real pain with Koto kit. I must admit that for a 1/100 scale model kit the assembly seems more complicated in comparison to fixing MG Gunpla. Hmmm... Maybe it was the phobia and lack of confidence. 

I absolutely love the bulky design of Alteisen and its unique only to SRW Super Robot Wars Origin. Original mecha designed as protagonist for the popular Super Robot game franchise, which later armed its way to anime. The mighty Alteisen IMHO match the bulk of Sazabi, its design like a tank and bears the soul and eyes of Gundam! This model kit stood tall above 20cm and towered over my MG GM Custom. Don't be fooled by the massive body of Alteisen, design for long range attack but in contrary, this mecha is well balanced and ready to punch some holes with its signature melee attack. 

Though Alteisen don't hold any weapon in its hands, I don't think I had been shortchange as robot itself is a walking weapon with huge claymore on the shoulders. It left forearm was armed with triplet cannons and the coolest weapon goes to the revolver charged explosive that detonate after Alteisen punctured its enemy with that big needle on right forearm. In fact the revolver cylinder actually rotates as a gimmick of this kit. The claymore shelves can also retract and the cover opened up. Koto provided two pairs of hands, one clenched and another opened with movable fingers. 

Kotobukiya had made their consumers' money well-spent with the ultimate generosity of including LED that lights up the eyes. Optional horns were provided and if you wanted a glowing red horn, the choice is to pick the clear horn. I only wanted to left the kit on display for long so I didn't wired the light-up mechanism, neither did I use the clear horn. I settled for the opaque horn instead. The coolest move by Kotobukiya was throwing in a fully painted 12cm trading figure of Alteisen’s pilot, Kyosuke Nanbu. I hope Bandai would one day do the same for their MG range. Anyway, I got Kyosuke Nanbu a display partner and she's none other than Excellen Browning trading figure.


chrismandesign said...

Well, this publications was like a punch in my face, I mean, I was truly surprised with the presentation of a Super Robot Wars kit in your blog !!!... Is not that you don’t have mechas from other series, but your focus is on Gundam models and SRW is a "different story"... The Alteisen, WOW is a super cool design, with striking color scheme and a very particular assortment of armament for short and long-range attacks so, the love for this model is completely shared, pal !!!...

I find quite relevant your advice about the carefulness in the assembling of Kotobukiya model kits, since there are some Koto kits waiting to be part of my collection (along with other Gundam related kits) and well, the last thing I want is to ruin them, bearing in mind their extremely low availability...

Lovely kit and great pictures, pal !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Thank you for the kind comment pal. Indeed this is one of those kit which I especially like. The design is the mecha itself is so very cool which clearly expressed the hot-blooded-ness and fury passion of the pilot. It like a tank charging at enemies at brute force. It comes naturally to mention more on the article when I like the item a lot.

Yami said...

Personally i always consider Alteisen to be the best of Koto's 1/100 Srw kit with awesome overall value. Such a shame that koto didnt made more of this lineup

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
Alteisen is also my fav SRW Origin bot. Seems like Koto never rush into making kits and always release at limited quantities. Makes you want it even more ^_^

deSMOnd said...

I love the colour scheme of this figure. Red, white and black :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
I must agreed it's a good blend of colours which goes well with the design.


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