Saturday, 2 April 2016

RE/100 MSF-007 Gundam MK-III

RE Gundam MKIII Pic1 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic1_zpsrrhebkva.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic2 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic2_zpsegnzws8i.jpg
Dull colour scheme of blue-ish grey 

 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic3_zpsdt2jmycm.jpg

 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic4_zpsl5odhzl5.jpg
The shield has a nice carbon like protection

 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic5_zpsc5irgaih.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic6 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic6_zpsrwt7j5r8.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic7 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic7_zpssaetrkln.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic8 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic8_zpsguesjvjk.jpg
Long thrusters and balancers on backpack

RE Gundam MKIII Pic9 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic9_zpslx9wv07q.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic10 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic10_zpspneftxb9.jpg
Beam rifle sprayed with flat black and dry brushing with Mr Colour Silver No. 8

RE Gundam MKIII Pic11 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic11_zpsnbl43ymz.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic12 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic12_zpsof0bcho8.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic13 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic13_zpspkyqvt8v.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic14 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic14_zpsu0gl7yx9.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic15 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic15_zpsfxvwktdt.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic16 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic16_zps5bx7h2e2.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic17 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic17_zpsxxckt9b6.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic18 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic18_zpspmrptitx.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic19 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic19_zpsrrcdyjlu.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic20 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic20_zpsz71xl3yu.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic21 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic21_zpshactxxiy.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic22 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic22_zpsvo0lijea.jpg

RE Gundam MKIII Pic23 photo RE Gundam MKIII Pic23_zpsmucpqwae.jpg 

My first attempt on Bandai RE 1/100 scale Gundam MSV - variant. This Gundam Mk-III can only be done by custom build once upon a time. Kudos to Bandai for re-looking at this blue-ish grey (dull colour scheme, some may find)MSV and align their focus on 1/100 scale. The new RE/100 is like a simpler and less costly Gunpla in comparison to Master Grade MG. A good treatment of mobile suit on the sidelines. Feels like a 1/100 scale in HG grade, it's without clench-able fist or endoskeleton. 

Still, the appearance of the MS is sharp and well possible plus good balance. Looks good after I applied stickers, penal-line and top coat with matte. It stands approximately 26cm including the backpack, which is consider tall for a 1/100 scale. The backpack has a pair of cannons or perhaps the designer has the concept of Guncannon on Gundam unit. Equipped with an impressive long beam rifle like Zeta Gundam, Rezel and Delta Plus. Beam rifle has been sprayed with flat black and dry brushing with Mr Colour Silver No. 8. Long thrusters and balancers on backpack. The shield has a nice carbon like protection. 

A little history of Gundam MK-III - This prototype develops on RX-178 Gundam Mk-Ⅱ, analyzes on various types of data on the basis of the AE (Anaheim Electronics) has been adopted in some Mk-II with its own technology breakthrough, resulted in a significant impact on the AE's transition to "Z Zeta plan". Gundam Mk-III can't transform but it does has a resemblance to Zeta Gundam. By the introduction and hand techniques of Ganda helium γ (gamma) to adopt cross-sectional manner.

I did a simple video clip putting the kit with the help of base, motorised turntable, black cloth and using iMovie on my iPhone...


chrismandesign said...

This is a great blend of a Zeta Gundam and a Gundam RX-178 Mk II, it even reminds me of the L-Gaim Mk I (maybe these were contemporaries), with a sleek and slender design, more tech details, something ahead of its time I would say !!!... The only drawback is actually the color scheme, the same design with a more contrasting color management, would be quite more striking (you know, the magic of color is undeniable !!!)... This RE/100 must be the equivalent of the "old" NG classification, am I wrong, pal ???... =OOOOO

deSMOnd said...

Bro, apply some weathering onto the armour will give better look..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
So right to say that the design is ahead of its time. L-Gaim Mk I has a nice design too and formed an excellent Super Robot! I have seen others spraying the MK III with more white Gundam colour and some chrome and titanium colour. Gunpla is freedom : )

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Thanx for the suggestion bro! It looks like a feasible idea : )


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