Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Macross Frontier RVF-25 Messiah Luca Custom plus Ghost Appendix Part 2

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It was a long break and had quite a while for me to finally get the motivation to complete this review. Here's part 2 of Macross Frontier RVF-25 Messiah Luca Custom plus Ghost Appendix. Before I move on, let's talk a bit more about the pilot. Luca Angeloni, is a high school students attending the same school Alto and Michael in Macross Frontier. He's machinery genius so entitled grade-skipping as such he's younger than Alto and Michael. He belonged to a private military provider "SMS", Assigned to a personalized green, prototype messiah as valkyrie for SMS, VF-25 specialized in reconnaissance and test type with unmanned control of wingman ghost H3 aircraft. 

Luca is reserved and gentle by nature. Behind that soft look possessed strength that can also be through the belief in until a ruthless for the sake of the person who is to defend. "VF - 25 Messiah", the new integrated army was developed with a view to the introduction of the new flagship machine - in the "YF 24 Evolution" variable fighter that has been independently developed by the Macross Frontier fleet based, formally is the founder of VF-25, variable machine lineage to the iconic VF valkyrie. In addition to the airframe structure been revamped, a new standard of Anti-G-Force technology By installation of "EX gear", which increases aircraft performance significantly above the VF 171 system is the flagship machine of timeline AD2050. Arm booster system (commonly known as Super Parts) adds the acceleration and manoeuvrability. 

Private military provider "SMS" had entrusted messiah with electronic reconnaissance equipment which enable target detection that by the fold wave. When transformed to robot, the radar panel would be attached to the left arm. Those who know of 'Super Dimensional Fortress' is no stranger to this Elintseeker type. This box set is among those pioneer batches of 1/60 scale Messiah finished product toy by Bandai, branded under premier DX Super Alloy, which boasts the numerous introduction of durability and complex mechanism. Impressive perfect transformation and proportionality. However, I'm quite annoyed with the complexity when transforming the toy which took lots of time and precautions on the armor parts. 

Nonetheless, the leg composes plenty of diecast, contributing the solid weight and stability of the toy in battroid mode. In battroid mode, a gimmick of leg extension and cranking mechanism while opening the legs. Shoulder joint, hip joint, using a die-cast (metal) to the ankle gave extra strength and sense of weight. Metal shoulder gave more confidence while rotating for more daring poses. However, practice caution while transforming because a friend of mine broke the screw securing metal shoulder. VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie Ghost cum Weapons set was a exclusive release because in the anime, the unmanned fighters JX-1 were escort to Luca's messiah, protecting it. The content included display stand of Ghos, fold-wave communication sensor, Messiah Valkyrie reaction bullet and DX super alloy VF missile bullets. An ideal set to recreating the anime scene.


Luke Forsyth said...

Let's admit it that only toys can make kids and children happy.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Luke
These are toys for the grown up! Lolz

chrismandesign said...

This is such an amazing piece of engineering, that you hardly believe it could be even possible, when it was featured for the first time in 1982... Certainly, some time passed until the apparition of the Frontier saga and I think I watched at least an OVA of this space opera (and some episodes of the original series), but I have forgotten how great looked the more recent renditions of these triple mode mechas !!!... Well, I was thinking, if you needed motivation to endure the delicate and cumbersome process of transformation, just imagine the hard time for the designers of these incredible transformable figures !!!... Give them some credit for make you hobby more difficult and yet more enjoyable, pal =P !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Thank you for those motivational speech when facing hard to transform mecha toy and those are deep thoughts which I have overlooked the difficulty faced by the toy designer. Anyway, I'm quite ticked by Bandai for releasing version 2.0 in such short period. It makes collectors feel that Bandai had spent little effort on ensure quality control when releasing premium toy such as this and version 2.0 like a way to milk collectors even more.


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