Tuesday, 5 January 2016

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Strike Freedom Gundam Z.A.F.T Mobile Suit ZGNF-X20A Action Figure

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter is a free download PC game developed by South Korea based PC game company Softmax that allows players to take command of Units involving all Gundam eras such as: Universal Century, Anno Domini, Future Century and many more. The game later generated merchandise of SD Gundam Action Figure and mine happened to be Mobile Suit Strike Freedom Gundam Z.A.F.T Mobile Suit ZGNF-X20A from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. This MS is a tough character in the game that's rank SS. 

The toy comes with many accessories like a clear base stand, two beam sabers, two pink effect shields, two beam rifles, four pink clear burst effect parts and eight super dragoon aka funnels better known to U.C fans. The super dragoons can be separated from the wings and attached in between the burst effect parts, which is the most fantastic gimmick of this toy! The eyes doesn't glow but the fine lines like shattered glass on the eyes are supposed to a featured camera eyes of this toyline. The rear wings are attachable and the rail guns on both sides of the skirt can rotate and open up to re-enact the lock-on burst mode just like the anime scene. Both the beam rifles can be holstered to the skirt or be connected together to form a fortified long beam rifle. Pretty impressive for for a simple looking toy.


chrismandesign said...

For some reason, I put more attention on the word "Capsule", in the title of your publication so, I was expecting a sort of gashapon collectible and well, it’s something very different indeed...

The toys based on the Strike Freedom Gundam are always impressive, because of the design itself of the mecha... This one, of course, is not an exception... It has a lovely SD style and a huge amount of accessories that truly compensate the lack of articulation... It’s cute and fierce at the same time and the construction seems to be sturdy... I have no idea about the videogame, but the figure is very nice, pal !!!... =D

deSMOnd said...

Wah..lots of gadgets to play with :P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! I didn't play the game as well. However its adorable the Gundam to the shape of gashapon form. In fact I didn't see these selling a lot locally but I heard the toys are popular in Hong Kong. I got others as gifts from friends who went for vacation @ Hong Kong. Indeed the short limbs limit the articulation but compensated with cuteness ^_^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah! The play gimmicks are pretty ingenious which adapted well to the Freedom Gundam like model kit, in a similar yet simpler way.


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