Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Donation to Charity For Children and Private Giveaway

Donation to Charity for Children and private Giveaway. This public initiative is conducted by Children’s Charities Association (CCA). For donations of $20, it is tax deductible for under your NRIC/FIN number. Now for our private giveaway. Firstly, this has got nothing involving CCA, please do not go and find them. 

To enter this giveaway.
1) Please make a donation starting now and we are closing on 22th November 2015 at 2100 hours. 
2) For every amount $10 donations, it entitles you a chance.
3) Once your online donation transaction is completed. 
4) Please message thru facebook to Stanley Lim KH/sms 96469316/ 
5) Please copy and paste the text of your Transaction Number and Total amount donated.
6) Do not reveal your Name and NRIC and contact number to us yet, until you been shortlisted 
7) The winner will be selected via using the random number generator system.
8) Shortlisted winner will be validated via official accredited verification, prior announcing winner.
9) Cheaters, Trollers and Hackers, please stay away as this is for a good and honest cause.
10) Lucky Winners email addresses will be announced on the 30th November 2015 @ this blog
11)Details on date, location of collection will be informed to winners.
12) After this event ends, all personal data will be permanently deleted without any recording and no distribution to any agencies or trade.

Our purpose of this giveaway is to encourage on fund-rising donations for a good cause and sure feels good paying it forward. From Gundam Chit Chat Club, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Merry Christmas.

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