Sunday, 27 September 2015

Space Battleship Yamato Mechanic File

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic1 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic1_zpsdf25d09a.jpg
Artwork of the trading figures box
Space Yamato Mechanic Pic2 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic2_zpsd3467a77.jpg
Pre-painted interior section 

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic3 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic3_zps3db2d66c.jpg
1/8 part of the entire collection

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic4 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic4_zps84b00c2c.jpg
Material a mixture of ABS & PVC

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic5 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic5_zpsa37ba48a.jpg
Some model kit part - Parts to make up the turret

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic6 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic6_zps941d1518.jpg
Turrets that turns and shift up and down

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic7 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic7_zpsa4d1e7c2.jpg
Pre-production pics

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic8 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic8_zpsd61f81f1.jpg
Mini plane fighters provided

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic9 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic9_zps55a64744.jpg
Plane kept within compartment

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic10 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic10_zps122e685b.jpg
Side view when completed - All section supported by stands

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic10A photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic10A_zps3dbe7431.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic11 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic11_zps146d1bf3.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic12 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic12_zps81b020fe.jpg
Main cannon - 3...2...1 Yuiki

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic13 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic13_zpse4cfc346.jpg
The afterburner

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic14 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic14_zps18452977.jpg
Front turrets

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic15 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic15_zps6bfdffae.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic16 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic16_zps963c5f3c.jpg
Anti air guns

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic17 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic17_zpsa71be637.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic18 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic18_zps5c353551.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic19 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic19_zpsfebe15ce.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic20 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic20_zps0ad340b8.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic21 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic21_zps012b1cd3.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic22 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic22_zps7c32fe85.jpg

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic23 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic23_zps7041ae7b.jpg
Space Battleship Yamato sets up on a perilous journey to save earth!

Space Yamato Mechanic Pic24 photo SpaceYamatoMechanicPic24_zps71e2e0a9.jpg 

Suddenly crave for a carrier toy after watching Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Have watch the live action movie a years back but following the entire remake anime of the original proofed to hard to resist the merchandise. If you're a fan of the anime series then this is a must have. I was looking for a budget toy of Space Battleship Yamato and was lucky to get this toy or should I say toys from an assembly of 8 trading figure boxes, released back in 2005 by Bandai. Mine was procured at S$80/-, of course if you are going for a more premium piece, you can go for the chogokin version. For details and perfection, the 1/700 scale Bandai model kit is another option. 

 An entire 8 piece set of the parts configure the entire battleship. Each trading figure set are section and modular of the ship form inside out, its pre-painted and the interior (rubber like internal components) can be seen once the outer hull is removed. When put together it formed a 15" Space Battleship Yamato on black plastic stand. In comparison, this version is little smaller than a 1/700 scale Bandai kit. The set required some assembly with those main turrets on plastic model kit tree, other parts are snap fitted so there is no gluing needed. 2 other the trading box even come with pre-painted miniature rubber planes. 

Because of the 8 sections joined together, lines and gaps can be seen running the model. Another drawback is that when handling the model, it tends to comes apart and I suggest using blu-tag in securing those alignment stands. Most of the parts are matted but some gloss and plastic looking, so I had sprayed matte epoxy to even the surface.


Andy said...


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Andy
Yeah! Something classic and within my budget.

chrismandesign said...

WOW !!!... super congrats pal !!!... i’m a Battleship Yamato fanatic, but when i asked some years ago, for the price of the collectible you’re publishing this time, it was "kinda" prohibitive after shipping, taxes and the like... so sorry for that, ;(((((... for an affordable assembling trading figure, i think all the drawbacks you mentioned are forgivable, i just love all that oldie/funky/classic gadgetry of the 70s, featured in this space battleship, it brings back some good memories actually !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
We really have a lot in common when it comes to mecha liking. Surely, I shouldn't complain on the imperfections, considering it to be trading figures. In fact, the made up was commendable and quite the collectibles. I'm a proud owner humming the opening song of the anime and held my head high and above. Lolz

Stanley Lim said...

Yamato!!! this looks great esp with the space backdrop!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Stanley
That's my wonderful backdrop. Creates wonder all the time. Kudos! Hippa Hippa :p

deSMOnd said...

This is a nice battleship you collect :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah! It's inspired by the WWII biggest battleship Yamato. In contrary to Japanese fake ambition during WWII, the anime projected the correct morale value of humanity survival and a hope of peace.


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