Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Gunpla Builders World Cup GBWC 2015 Johor Qualifiers

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic1 photo IMG_2575_zpsl6schtcl.jpg
Gunpla Builders World Cup GBWC 2015 Johor Qualifiers @ City Square

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic2 photo IMG_2577_zpsnbxxxhes.jpg
I love the presentation of this entry

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic3 photo IMG_2578_zpsdiwdjz4e.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic4 photo IMG_2579_zpszbhfo0aq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic5 photo IMG_2580_zpsnobwjjom.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic5 photo IMG_2584_zps9bhekzi2.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic7 photo IMG_2588_zpsjnvxplh1.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic8 photo IMG_2593_zpsexhxejwi.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic9 photo IMG_2594_zpsmnkv5f1g.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic10 photo IMG_2596_zps00vb1dtd.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic11 photo IMG_2597_zpskac2isps.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic12 photo IMG_2599_zpsohphkgcz.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic13 photo IMG_2600_zpszpewmlev.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic14 photo IMG_2598_zpsmiu43nfa.jpg
Not missing out this mini figure here

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic15 photo IMG_2601_zpsxkjtcruk.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic16 photo IMG_2605_zpsc3q1v7af.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic17 photo IMG_2606_zpsatc27bkq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic18 photo IMG_2607_zpsoq5i19fb.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic19 photo IMG_2608_zpsqyxf7aji.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic20 photo IMG_2609_zpsubyomstb.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic21 photo IMG_2610_zps7iy7nsaq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic22 photo IMG_2611_zpstpmf15id.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic23 photo IMG_2612_zpsvx2niad9.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic24 photo IMG_2614_zpsxoxwjeil.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic25 photo IMG_2615_zpsoypjl7gj.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic26 photo IMG_2616_zpsmb1rejbk.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic27 photo IMG_2617_zpsvxpm2lhl.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic28 photo IMG_2618_zpshqgpluuk.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic29 photo IMG_2620_zpsqu4d5ocq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic30 photo IMG_2621_zpsmajbl9re.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic31 photo IMG_2623_zpsf8vq6l79.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic32 photo IMG_2624_zps3sksocuc.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic33 photo IMG_2625_zpsgv7oac92.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic34 photo IMG_2629_zpsb8vqn9jv.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic35 photo IMG_2630_zpsitr9rngs.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic36 photo IMG_2631_zpswyen5ebb.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic37 photo IMG_2632_zpsq8iprqs8.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic38 photo IMG_2633_zpstsc2nabg.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic39 photo IMG_2635_zpsyl58aytl.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic40 photo IMG_2636_zpsmpcvozeq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic41 photo IMG_2637_zpspxmsw07l.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic42 photo IMG_2638_zpsyzr024yn.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic43 photo IMG_2639_zpshtbwcdqy.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic44 photo IMG_2640_zpsqs0z0dmq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic45 photo IMG_2641_zpsyaju8w7o.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic46 photo IMG_2643_zpswuq9nilk.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic47 photo IMG_2644_zpsxmjvlmse.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic48 photo IMG_2645_zpsi3vkzx57.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic49 photo IMG_2646_zpspdzfi0tc.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic50 photo IMG_2651_zpsbfybka9r.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic51 photo IMG_2653_zpsdx2oevs5.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic52 photo IMG_2654_zpsuqdmf5zc.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic53 photo IMG_2658_zpswjvo3uqp.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic54 photo IMG_2660_zpsg9ntmxdp.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic55 photo IMG_2661_zpsoel4pynj.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic56 photo IMG_2662_zpsaoat3ffz.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic57 photo IMG_2663_zpsojgt8dzz.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic58 photo IMG_2664_zpsidmirccr.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic59 photo IMG_2665_zpsp6nptsc1.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic60 photo IMG_2666_zpsudgahtkk.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic61 photo IMG_2667_zpsznluksqh.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic62 photo IMG_2669_zpszxjigsjp.jpg
Optimus Prime colour scheme Jesta Cannon

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic63 photo IMG_2671_zpsz8otzcid.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic64 photo IMG_2672_zps2ojtbsg3.jpg
Doraemo '' Guy

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic65 photo IMG_2674_zpsvf06dq7b.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic66 photo IMG_2678_zpsn6afbgnf.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic67 photo IMG_2679_zps2kfhzjt3.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic68 photo IMG_2681_zpsgdapaxkg.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic69 photo IMG_2683_zps6dhzhbmq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic70 photo IMG_2684_zpsc8o32btf.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic71 photo IMG_2686_zpsot7tlcrs.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic72 photo IMG_2688_zps4bd5ranq.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic73 photo IMG_2690_zpsstlwi818.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic74 photo IMG_2693_zpsshqq55cf.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic75 photo IMG_2694_zpsvdnryb0n.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic76 photo IMG_2695_zpszjs712me.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic77 photo IMG_2696_zpsygsxwett.jpg

GBWC Johor 2015 Loot photo GBWC Johor 2015 Loot_zpstau724gr.jpg
I bought a Star Winning Gundam! Some freebies from the event included Gunpla lanyard, poster and Gundam 35th Anniversary paper bag...

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic78 photo IMG_2697_zpsxqttwc1z.jpg
Gunpla Builders World Cup GBWC 2015 Johor Qualifiers Exclusive - Chrome Tryon 3 Gundam

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic79 photo IMG_2699_zpsbibdtgrx.jpg
Free kit for children participating Gunpla Workshop

GBWC Johor 2015 Pic80 photo IMG_2701_zps7orr8mns.jpg
JS Hobby Johor Pic1 photo JS Hobby Johor Pic1_zpsroq1kthk.jpg
We took a taxi to Skudai Parade Shopping Complex 81300 Skudai, Johor wanting to visit JS HOBBY

JS Hobby Johor Pic2 photo JS Hobby Johor Pic2_zpshlkkkib3.jpg
Unfortunately they were closed for Gunpla Builders World Cup GBWC 2015 Johor Qualifiers, anyway Thursday were their rest day

I'm someone who seldom leave my comfort zone but I would anything for Gundam... Most anything ^_^ ... Had an awesome experience traveling across the border for Gunpla Builders World Cup 2015 Johor Qualifiers held at City Square. I traveled on a weekday morning so crossing both checkpoints custom was a breeze and moreover City Square was strategically located such as its accessible from Malaysia custom via link way.

I must have been a mountain tortoise as this is really my first time 'City Square'. I usually get my friends' car to Johor Bahru and go to anywhere my friend take me to so this is a very different experience traveling there by public transport. I will definitely go back there again for shopping and dining thanks to my travel companion 'Stanley'. Really cool to attend Gunpla Builders World Cup 2015 Johor Qualifiers before Singapore GBWC starts. It's always nice to learn and appreciate the craftsmanship, painting, concept and creativity from our counterparts. Let us be fired up for Gunpla! Gunpla with no boundaries and limits... Hope you guys like the pics... Sorry I didn't categorized them. 


Stanley Lim said...

Thumbs up for the mini guy! I din even see this

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Stanley
Yeah! I sure the modeler is trying to show his skill on minor details : )

deSMOnd said...

Really a good opportunity to see your favourite Gundam kits done by overseas fans..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
I'm glad that the event organizers picked an easily accessible loc to draw more crowd on our side.

RiP666 said...

woow so many good entries, for me the red sazabi seems legit hmm

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RiP666
The OOB red Sazabi caught my eyes too! In fact, those whose that I took more than one pic are those that I like more. Biases right,.

chrismandesign said...

HEHE... someone is traveling a bit too much lately, LOL !!!... no doubt, Malaysia is another asian country influenced by the japanese Gunpla culture and looking at the samples published by you, in this visual review, i would say they are very passionate too !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I would think that the Johorians are passionate and united. It's apply to other Malaysias too like those in KL. There are often gatherings there and they do travel to great distance with their models or toys for exhibitions. Should I say it apply to fans internationally regards any walks of lives. I remembered u traveled a great distances too in the past for a pop culture event and had blogged about it. Cheers to that as well :p


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