Sunday, 31 May 2015

SEGA IS Infinite Stratos Houki Shinonono EX Figure

I bought this figure under the recommendation of Stanley before watching the anime back then during our otaku trip. Indeed, I never regret buying this lovely preprinted figure of Houki Shinonono 篠ノ之 箒, from the anime 'Infinite Stratos - インフィニット・ストラトス'. In fact I love the anime as much as the fan service it provided and is looking forward to more continuation to this harem and mecha genre. Mainly female student in IS academy donning powered exoskeleton on dangerous mission. 

Houki Shinonono 篠ノ之 箒 is one of the main female protagonist and a childhood friend to the lead male character, Ichika Orimura. Anime accurate figure of Houki in her school uniform with the memorabilia green hair band from her childhood lovey dovey. This figure suggested that her place of residence is home to a kendo dojo, which led to her early interest in kendo that's why Houki held her kendo stick as shown in this figue. Standing 6.5" in height, this figure is supposedly a prize figure and I'm very lucky to get it below a 1000 yen. It came in a window box packaging just I had discarded to save luggage space. Well-made figure made by ABS and PVC with detail painting and ready to display white stand with the anime title. Definitely a trophy from watching the anime.

Beautiful ending song of Infinite Stratos 2


chrismandesign said...

these prize figures are not much bigger than a gashapon, although they are classified as trading figures... i guess by your description, that is a limited edition so, its cost must be higher than what you actually paid for it... it has a good deal of detail, a prolix paint job and the base, which is usually black for these figures, works better in white, in this case, with that baby blue and orange print... you known, a sample of what some good contacts can do for your collection, HEHE !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I would this figure is ard 1/8 scale which stands above most trading figures and definitely gashapon. I should be gashapon being smallest, trading figure medium and price figure big in terms of size. In terms of pricing, price figure would be more economic in comparison with other bishoujo. At times, there would be really nice price figures that exceeded expectations with outstanding sculpt and excellent paint job. They gave consumers of lower budget to have their favourite anime/game characters sometime to settle with.

Stanley Lim said...

The recent wave lingrie series for shinonono is nose bleeding ah!

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