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Knights of Sidonia 1/100 "17th Guardian" Tsugumori Model Kit

Knights of Sidonia Tsugumori Kotobukiya Pic1 photo KnightsofSidoniaTsugumoriKotobukiyaPic1_zps414a8560.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 1 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 1_zpswhqdw5og.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 2 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 2_zpsa9uqqyll.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 3 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 3_zps16zfbfdc.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 4 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 4_zpsmkocovpi.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 5 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 5_zpsbivfv4qz.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 6 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 6_zpsyjypynut.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 7 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 7_zpszsnhn768.jpg

 photo Sidonia 1_zpsmqsjthmf.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 12 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 12_zps6ppla81z.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 11 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 11_zpssj8s0tab.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 13 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 13_zpsd5bnznj5.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 10 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 10_zpslgkx5wkt.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 8 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 8_zpsquibhrld.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 9 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 9_zpsjg7bwyes.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 14 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 14_zpsm8iqmaok.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 15 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 15_zpsajzjmlqn.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 16 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 16_zpsliwng5fl.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 17 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 17_zpswc9bmvhv.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 18 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 18_zpsqjbbl2pq.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 19 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 19_zps7jglgfyr.jpg

Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 20 photo Tsugumori Sidonia Kit 20_zpsagn7ogbi.jpg

Here's is one mecha anime that's worth mentioning! 'Knight of Sidonia' is one you should watch for its outstanding CG works as well as the serious plot where desperation and tragedy unveiled. The original work to Knights of Sidonia is a manga of the same name by Tsutomu Nihei. The mecha design of Tsugumori, in a way shared some similarities to Zeta Gundam. Then again the primary colour of white with some red of Tsugumori reminded me of L.E.D Mirage of 'Five Stars Stories'. Anyway, I loved the anime as much as I like the robot which drive me on a hunt for this Templar knight of Sidonia.

'Simply Toy' seems to be the only store distributing Kotobukiya products locally. With the help of Desmond, who's a member of the store, I managed to get my hands of this earlier manga version of Type-17 Guardian Shiratsuki Custom Tsugumori, piloted by the main character Tanikaze Nagate @ a discount. So glad that Kotobukiya decided on this ideal scale of 1/100 like the size of MG Gundam standing approximately 8". I would say the assembly was slightly more challenging compared to Gunpla or should I say I'm more used to Bandai kits. Nonetheless, the parts fit well just that the plastic feels more fragile. The kit is well articulated with wide range of movement, 40 points of articulations suggested by product ad. Basically the runners are already in the right colors , therefore I only drew penal lines and painted the finger tips red which felt like doing manicure. Wifee was complaining I should help her apply nail polish. Lol. 

Picture references on the box only suggested minimum water slide decals used. I added a bit more using decals from other brands. Without failed, I finished the kit will a layer of matt topcoat. The spear is only handheld accessory to the figure then again, who would not want to put this awesome looking sacred weapon in the hand of Tsugumori. I had the spear sprayed white and painted the pointy tip red. Other melee weapon would be the red spike on the forearm that could be swing forward. Angular armour long thin limbs. The feet are kind of small and bulky back booster which affect the stability of the kit in reality. Kotobukiya could have provided the display stand in making the kit more complete.


RiP666 said...

woow nice,, I plan to watch the series also it seems cool yeah

chrismandesign said...

no doubt, your brand new tastes in mecha design, virtually made me drool a bit too much !!!... when you mentioned the Five Stars Stories as a key reference, the name sounded familiar for me and i realized that actually i watched such series some years ago... i was fascinated for the mecha design and the plot was incredibly good too...

it reminds me closely, as well, the L-Gaim Mark II, from Real Robot Revolution, which is an all time favorite of mine...

Kotobokiya, even with the drawbacks you mentioned, is a great option for mechas out of the mainstream... i love this mecha of yours, but i have not seen the anime series yet... curiously, for your information, Muse, a british band, has a song named precisely Knights of Cydonia, a weird coincidence... !!! =OOOOO

deSMOnd said...

Wah! got red fingernails sia...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RIP666
It's a nice anime. You will find worth yr time watching.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Now that u mentioned the L-Gaim Mark II, I did have resin statue that's a fusion of L-Gaim and L.E.D from FSS. Their mecha design share a lot of similarities. Knights of Sidonia will not disappoint you and probably the author might be a follower of 'Knight of Cydonia' music and the coincidentally near title was inspired or derived from. Who knows .... Anything can happen... ^_^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Yeah! Those red finger-tips were hand painted by me ^_^


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