Sunday, 8 February 2015

Claymore Clare 1/8 Knockoff Figure

Claymore Clare Figure Pic1 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic1_zps7dbb354e.jpg

Claymore Clare Figure Pic2 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic2_zps93e933e8.jpg
Figure without the sword and cape attached

Claymore Clare Figure Pic3 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic3_zps29fe0f5c.jpg
With cape attached

Claymore Clare Figure Pic4 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic4_zpsbca0419b.jpg
Complete with cape and sword

Claymore Clare Figure Pic5 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic5_zps277554e5.jpg
Ilena's sacrificed right arm is provided as an interchangeable right arm for Clare 

Claymore Clare Figure Pic6 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic6_zpse5e868f6.jpg

Claymore Clare Figure Pic7 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic7_zps10686a78.jpg
At close up, the eyes are an obvious give away

Claymore Clare Figure Pic8 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic8_zpsaa6cf827.jpg

Claymore Clare Figure Pic9 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic9_zpsa3759015.jpg

Claymore Clare Figure Pic10 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic10_zps3d76bc8c.jpg

Claymore Clare Figure Pic11 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic11_zpsbf3cca83.jpg
Oversized sword like Claymore used by Scottish warrior

Claymore Clare Figure Pic12 photo ClaymoreClareFigurePic12_zps8e964c42.jpg 

I was searching for anime of knight fantasy anime and I came across 'Claymore'. It's more of a dark fantasy anime set in medieval era. I find rather intriguing with good fight scenes of brute and gore. In fact, I'm a latecomer to knowing this manga adaptation. The story centered on Clare, monster hunter working under an organization where their agents wield oversized sword like Claymore used by Scottish warrior, particularly 'William Wallace'. Even though Clare is ranked lowest of all Claymores at number 47, she's no weakling when it comes to slaying Yomas and has even managed to kill several Awakened Beings! The anime also tells how Clare's fate intertwined with Theresa, the Fade Smile. 

I was looking around for Clare's figure however the authentic 1/8 scale figure by Megahouse was long sold out and many around the market are overpriced. One which I found locally would cost S$170/-. I then came across the replica on eBay going around 20 over bucks including shipping and deciding to order it. For figure at this budget, I'm really in not right to complain on inconsistencies and defects. On the contrary, I rather please and making the best out of it. The replica figure looks ok from a distance but at close up, the eyes are an obvious give away. Her eyes looked like she's about to turn into a Yoma (monster in the anime). 

This 18cm PVC figure of Clare can be posed wielding her claymore sword, bearing her insignia, in her right hand or with her weapon stored behind, on the cape. Ilena's sacrificed right arm is provided as an interchangeable right arm for Clare that can also wield the claymore. Another major flaw of the replica is the white stand base. The plastic used are of poor quality and the red paint used on the word 'Claymore' smeared badly. The figure is loosely supported by a peg and wobble a lot. I have instead replaced it with another base to overcome it.


LEon said...

wow 20 USD including shipping is good. That is the sad part when there is a demand but supply is so little and so pricey for original that people have to get replicate....

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Leon
The prob is I knew about the anime late so stock had become scarce. Still glad to at least have a figure of Clare, even replica ^_^ yeah good cheap thrill lol

chrismandesign said...

i will add that this knight fantasy genre, as far as i know, has not the same support of other genres of anime, which apparently, are "machines for making money"...

that’s why, i guess, to produce merchandise for certain anime series, even if they are great in terms of plot, character design and reception in a niche audience, could be a risky bet... either we like it or not, the collectibles are a market and a rude one, i must say... =/

by the way, this trading figure is pretty decent in my opinion, when it comes to sculpt, but the production materials and the finishes are obviously the drawback... the final balance for you was favorable and that’s what really matters, when you want to collect something !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Do watch it if you have the time pal. It's available on YouTube and in English dubbed. Well paced and intense fight scenes. Just a bit gore...

Come to think that knight fantasy anime are pretty and niche which new generation of anime watchers may find the genre last season. Many manufacturers wouldn't really risk launching the figures in line will the launch of the anime. A lot of these appealing characters didn't make it to reality as figure. At times, these characters had slight treatment of rare unpainted resin garage kits which I don't have the skill to complete. It's a pity.

The bottom line is that I'm glad as least I have a figure related to Clare.

deSMOnd said...

The figure overall looks very pale :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah... The complexion and attire of claymore in the anime supposed to be pale looking and somehow grayish... The figure managed to achieve that ^_^


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