Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bonjour 2015 ☆ Surprise Birthday Bash!!!

2015 photo Happy2015Pic1_zps66dfed48.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic2 photo Happy2015Pic2_zps89749ed5.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic3 photo Happy2015Pic3_zpse1162cd1.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic4 photo Happy2015Pic4_zps49e12f3a.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic5 photo Happy2015Pic5_zps677c0cfb.jpg
Haro cupcakes!!!

Happy 2015 Pic6 photo Happy2015Pic6_zpse11b2341.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic7 photo Happy2015Pic7_zpsba32f998.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic8 photo Happy2015Pic8_zpsebaaf6a9.jpg
Zaku II Char's Custom cup cakes

Happy 2015 Pic9 photo Happy2015Pic9_zpsa60e9f9f.jpg
Gundam style cupcakes

Happy 2015 Pic10 photo Happy2015Pic10_zpsd38f1401.jpg
Haro Macaroons!!!! 

Happy 2015 Pic11 photo Happy2015Pic11_zpsf9d8551d.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic12 photo Happy2015Pic12_zpsed9f67e3.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic13 photo Happy2015Pic13_zps58d1ef19.jpg
Thanx for the Gundam birthday cake 

Happy 2015 Pic14 photo Happy2015Pic14_zpsc2cedd76.jpg
New maids @ home. Lol

Happy 2015 Pic15 photo Happy2015Pic15_zps3c24dbaa.jpg

Happy 2015 Pic16 photo Happy2015Pic16_zpsc8e85309.jpg
My Gundam presents!!!

Felt like a boy celebrating birthday when I reached home from work to know that wifee had secretly contacted my dear friends and parents to throw me a surprise party in Gundam style! I'm sure wifee was also delighted to welcome visitors now that my home had been given a new coat of paint with multiple interior improvements. Much like a house re-warming gathering too! Thank you all for the well wishes and generous gifts. 

Special thanx to the guests' appearances at our humble home and sharing wonderful time together this festive season. For all the gifts and Merry good times! If it wasn't for my wifee, my love of a lifetime, this party won't be possible. BTW, those are awesome maid costumes wifee and daughter had wore. Very sporting of you gals ^_^ You guys made me really special 31st Dec 2014! Last but not least, I would like wish everyone a happy 2015 and may the new year bring more hope, love, wealth, health and all you desires. Peace to the world


chrismandesign said...

what a wonderful themed party, pal !!!... i wish i could receive such surprise from my relatives, albeit i always appreciate anything they want to give away... in the end, is great when someone you care remembers you on a special date...

again, my best wishes for you and your family, also for the community of collectors and for everybody... may GOD help us to make this world a better place to live, not only in 2015, but the rest of time !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the well wishes pal. Really appreciate those around me and seriously people get more sentimental as they aged. At least I am. Heehee. Been having lotz of sugary stuff lately so one of my new year resolutions is to shed more fats : )

on_o said...

Those Zaku custom cupcakes are 3X tastier than regular cupcakes

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Also 3X sweeter than regular cupcakes and 3X more fattening. Lol...

Jon Loh said...

Some guys have all the luck! Happy belated birthday!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you mate! I'm blessed with a good wife and all good people around.

deSMOnd said...

Bro, Happy birthday and I hereby wish you having a wonderful 2015 and good health..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thanx man! Same Same Sama Sama : )


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