Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Gunpla Builders World Cup GBWC Singapore 2014 Entries - Gundam

 photo IMG_7797_zpsc2adf88f.jpg

 photo IMG_7784_zps104a3744.jpg
Starting from junior entries

 photo IMG_7785_zps11b9b9d4.jpg

 photo IMG_7786_zps9ffc2794.jpg

 photo IMG_7787_zps998ffd90.jpg

 photo IMG_7792_zpsfd3f117c.jpg

 photo IMG_7793_zps8f0e42de.jpg

 photo IMG_7796_zps692db621.jpg
Zaku vs Angry Birds

 photo IMG_7799_zps8ca38dcf.jpg

 photo IMG_7800_zps13b91ccb.jpg
Nice backdrop and use of cotton 

 photo IMG_7801_zpsb0c05328.jpg

 photo IMG_7802_zpsa5e600d6.jpg

 photo IMG_7803_zpsacd76133.jpg

 photo IMG_7804_zpsf2a06d21.jpg

 photo IMG_7806_zpsa3c3754c.jpg

 photo IMG_7809_zpsdef4b2f5.jpg

 photo IMG_7810_zpsd47562a7.jpg

 photo IMG_7816_zpsd2a1f715.jpg

 photo IMG_7817_zpsb6187f93.jpg

 photo IMG_7818_zps09e1347b.jpg

 photo IMG_7819_zps40b8adca.jpg

 photo IMG_7820_zps9933da7b.jpg

 photo IMG_7821_zpsc9cc0858.jpg

 photo IMG_7823_zps0e471455.jpg

 photo IMG_7828_zps71169a8f.jpg

 photo IMG_7830_zpsba88c6ac.jpg

 photo IMG_7831_zps28256d69.jpg

 photo IMG_7833_zps2166c25d.jpg

 photo IMG_7837_zps374d9f29.jpg

 photo IMG_7862_zpsd937b4db.jpg

 photo IMG_7841_zps31dbf46e.jpg
This entry is a PG Gundam GP01

 photo IMG_7843_zps900d8a87.jpg

 photo IMG_7844_zps62a21d65.jpg

 photo IMG_7845_zps380465da.jpg

 photo IMG_7847_zps6810b7d0.jpg

 photo IMG_7856_zpse20f5e3f.jpg

 photo IMG_7855_zps7d01cb69.jpg

 photo IMG_7853_zpsbbda4913.jpg

 photo IMG_7860_zps860ef761.jpg

 photo IMG_7863_zpsc87a49e6.jpg

 photo IMG_7866_zps0348efb9.jpg

 photo IMG_7865_zps7a587f53.jpg

 photo IMG_7867_zps8435229e.jpg
This DOM received many positive feedback...

 photo IMG_7868_zpsee3f28b6.jpg

 photo IMG_7873_zps744ed55e.jpg

 photo IMG_7876_zps28b15313.jpg

 photo IMG_7877_zpsbf0c9a86.jpg

 photo IMG_7880_zps955787a6.jpg

 photo IMG_7882_zpsda42df8a.jpg
Nice Gundam concept

 photo IMG_7884_zpsfa1fe5d1.jpg

 photo IMG_7888_zps0e71df2c.jpg

 photo IMG_7889_zpsb2d332e9.jpg

 photo IMG_7890_zps7804c941.jpg
Here's Wilson's entry ^_^

 photo IMG_7892_zps66b13703.jpg

 photo IMG_7894_zpsa149c9bf.jpg

 photo IMG_7896_zps79e8c7ae.jpg

 photo IMG_7898_zps28f68e83.jpg

 photo IMG_7899_zpsa581474d.jpg

 photo IMG_7900_zpsede76218.jpg

 photo IMG_7902_zpsfbd5c1a8.jpg

 photo IMG_7903_zps8f431047.jpg

 photo IMG_7908_zpsc9cb9d0b.jpg

 photo IMG_7906_zps4a444e3c.jpg

 photo IMG_7907_zpsbf8a5dac.jpg
Even Char is painted in detail

 photo IMG_7942_zps561cd59e.jpg

 photo IMG_7944_zps0d65fc4a.jpg

 photo IMG_7946_zps9a57ae97.jpg

 photo IMG_7949_zpsf0a1e22b.jpg

 photo IMG_7950_zpsce284481.jpg
Cool use of effect parts

 photo IMG_7951_zpsdfb88304.jpg

 photo IMG_7953_zps41348184.jpg

 photo IMG_7955_zps726306e8.jpg

 photo IMG_7956_zps5a5a59a8.jpg

 photo IMG_7957_zpsaece1f72.jpg

 photo IMG_7959_zpsc0c2dce4.jpg
Wei Xian's entry : )

 photo IMG_7960_zps665ec6c0.jpg

 photo IMG_7963_zps0c2eed6c.jpg

 photo IMG_7961_zps425a418c.jpg

 photo IMG_7964_zps0ab88707.jpg

 photo IMG_7965_zps26a00a79.jpg

 photo IMG_7967_zpsb94a2375.jpg

 photo IMG_7969_zps9009e91a.jpg

 photo IMG_7973_zps22965081.jpg

 photo IMG_7974_zps1209ae15.jpg

 photo IMG_7976_zps9181a339.jpg

 photo IMG_7978_zps75abda98.jpg

 photo IMG_7981_zpsd38ede2b.jpg

 photo IMG_7988_zps6fe3cca3.jpg

 photo IMG_7986_zps981c3ae1.jpg

 photo IMG_7992_zps4f29ece4.jpg

 photo IMG_7989_zps9070ab9c.jpg

 photo IMG_7996_zpsa05e73f6.jpg

 photo IMG_7998_zpsc82754af.jpg

 photo IMG_7999_zps769ece71.jpg

 photo IMG_8000_zps50ed66f7.jpg

 photo IMG_8007_zps39dd2ab2.jpg

 photo IMG_8002_zps1046a53f.jpg

 photo IMG_8005_zps759a7784.jpg

 photo IMG_8001_zps8fdd2626.jpg

 photo IMG_8008_zps4b3146fb.jpg

 photo IMG_8015_zps4e36c0e8.jpg

 photo IMG_8014_zpsceb34274.jpg

 photo IMG_8016_zps1cc990a0.jpg

 photo IMG_8017_zps36098bdc.jpg

 photo IMG_8018_zps7fc0d8ff.jpg

 photo IMG_8020_zps135ecc0e.jpg
Simple and neat...

 photo IMG_8021_zps3f83ad36.jpg

 photo IMG_8024_zpsa4792f63.jpg

 photo IMG_8025_zpsd1cb0a56.jpg

 photo IMG_8026_zps4c67c38c.jpg

 photo IMG_8027_zps5d336f78.jpg 

Fans are keen to take a glimpse of this year's GBWC Singapore entries and of course, I will cheering for my Gundam chit-chat club buddies, Wei Xian (RG Gundam MKII) and Wilson (Sazabi Custom), who's entries made it to the exhibition and final judging. Every participants is already a winner as they were given each a GBWC collar pin. The ultimate winner gets to represent Singapore and 2 tickets to Japan! This post consist of more than 100 hundred pics of most of the entries covered. I remembered starting off taking pics of junior entries (pics at the top). The lightings at this year's Gunpla Expo is excellent and it picture-taking a pleasure. In fact, I pretty pleased with most of the pics taken.


deSMOnd said...

Wow!! all figures are well made and painted. Perfect weathering!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed, it's the time of the year to see such finished products. Have time can just go down. They are there till 21st

Daniel Grove said...

I am having a problem getting the Turn-A Gundam Butterfly mode out of my head X^( TWO PEOPLE did that version - wth!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You have butterflies in your head and not your stomach. Lol. Go get it for butterfly effect of your own. Oh yes, you can consider robo tamashii...


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