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MANDARAKE Akihabara Shibuya & Nakano

Mandarake Akihabara Pic1 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic1_zps557963e3.jpg

Mandarake Akihabara Pic2 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic2_zps81a57cf1.jpg

Mandarake Akihabara Pic3 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic3_zps5bcf212d.jpg

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Mandarake Akihabara Pic7 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic7_zps7e73f793.jpg

Mandarake Akihabara Pic10 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic10_zps126769f5.jpg

 photo AkihabaraMap_zpsd96845a3.jpg
Map of Mandarake Akihabara and more otaku location

Mandarake Shibuya Pic1 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic1_zps230040c5.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic3 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic3_zps9f676ad1.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic2 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic2_zps1a82ca78.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic4 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic4_zpsf1daf0d1.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic5 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic5_zpsf6209215.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic6 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic6_zps018e8ce5.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic10 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic10_zps3fcae4aa.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic9 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic9_zps5035c7fc.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic7 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic7_zps6813696d.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic12 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic11_zps9c36a715.jpg

Shibuya photo ShibuyaMandarakeMap_zpsf1233b2a.jpg
Map of Mandarake Shibuya

Mandarake Nakano Pic1 photo MandarakeNakanoPic1_zps77389f40.jpg

Mandarake Nakano Pic2 photo MandarakeNakanoPic2_zps772c6a47.jpg

Mandarake Shibuya Pic8 photo MandarakeShibuyaPic8_zps33e7aa8d.jpg

Mandarake Akihabara Pic8 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic8_zpsecc0c8ab.jpg Mandarake Akihabara Pic11 photo MandarakeAkihabaraPic11_zps32f1b226.jpg

Nakano Map photo NakanoMandarakeMap_zpsae20c5ec.jpg
Map of Mandarake Nakano 

Had to play secret agent doing this post for these confidential pics as Mandarake had prohibited photo-taking within their premises. Mandarake is one biggest players when it come to toy trading in Japan both retails and online. They do buy in old toys beside selling so if you a collector of vintage toys, look for Mandarake. During my otaku, Agent S and I had managed to cover 3 Mandarake stores like Akihabara which is within walking distance from our inn. We had also took train to visit Mandarake Shibuya and Nakano. 

Mandarake Akihabara - This tower of power is an institution. Housing eight floors of anime merchandise, toys, collectibles and manga, the place offers enough pop-culture goodies to make any fan beam with joy and go bankrupt. The lift is usually packed so warm up by taking the stairs. This store is most frequent by tourists but communication is ease as I was greeted by Caucasian staff. 

Mandarake Shibuya - Many say Shibuya has probably the biggest single Mandarake store. Locating the store can be a bit challenging if you walk from the train station and the store is hidden underground. A more open concept for shoppers to feel and touch the items on the shelves. With some patience going through the shelves, you will find rare gems.Shibuya area is know as a place for young people in Tokyo. New pop culture has been developed from this town. Mandarake Shibuya is located in underground floor of Shibuya BEAM. All manga and anime goods are place in one large floor, it is like treasure hunting. 

Mandarake Nakano - Their goodies are segregated into many smaller stores within the building. You will see a single store with all the Transformers toys, store solely on Sentai rangers/ Kamen riders and store entirely on western imported toys.Mandarake Nakano is the main shop of Mandarake. Mandarake was established in 1987 as a pre-owned comic dealer in Nakano Broadway buiding. Mandarake currently has 16 different stores separated as a kind of items selling. We always have staff who can help you in English here in Nakano, please let our staff know that you need help to seach whatever you are looking for.


Yami said...

Someday when i go to Tokyo i definitely will give Mandarake a visit. I remembered i ordered my Volks A3 from Nakano and Shibuya

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Oh yes, I had also ever made a few orders from them too. I saw these Muv Luv Volks A3. They are quite difficult to reach outside Japan. For my case, I settle with Kotobukiya kits instead...

desmond said...

Bro, I will be in the shop for the whole day if I were there..

chrismandesign said...

risky but quite successful mission, agent K !!!... that must be the heart of the otaku world, because there a tons of vintage stuff i hardly have seen anywhere else... this is the paradise for the japanese pop-art fandom... so much, you’ll be broke, no matter the size of your budget LOL... exciting place, but it’s just too much for my willpower, that’s when i bless GOD, Japan is so far, far away from here LOLOLOL !!!... =D

burntrolls said...

Excellent guide, I am always reading from TF collectors about where to buy Transformers in Japan, this will definitely help those who use google. Nakano Mandrake brings tears to my eyes, the goods there on a good day are absolutely amazing.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
True! True! I'm trapped within event horizon upon entering. It's just mesmerizing!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Thank you sir and announcing the mission completed. Mandarake definitely is the deal for vintage and out-of-production toys. I got myself a vintage Samurai Troopers figure ^_^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> burntrolls
My favourite is also Nakano Mandarake. It's a gathering of many toy shops as well as and really for the first time, my eyes got so tired looking at toys there that it actually teared. Lol..

LEon said...

I didn't manage to go such places when I was in Japan as more of the family trip. Should have join you.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

True, my first trip with wifee to central Japan is more of sightseeing but this round really cover lotz of otaku sites.

Stanley Lim said...

Death to your wallets. Lol

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Your casualties are definitely higher bro... Lol


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