Sunday, 29 June 2014

Macross Frontier RVF-25 Messiah Luca Custom Chogokin

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic1 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic1_zps18ef64fc.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic2 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic2_zpsea33dae1.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic3 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic3_zpsf15d54d9.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic4 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic4_zpsd335d96c.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic5 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic5_zpsd747c1b8.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic6 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic6_zpsb56bfb54.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic7 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic7_zps60a9f0b8.jpg
To know how issit done? View my post on Project S.M.S

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic8 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic8_zpsf471ab5f.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic9 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic9_zps7fc483f0.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic10 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic10_zps7271d80d.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic11 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic11_zpsa9184802.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic12 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic12_zps80d14156.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic13 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic13_zps91cefae2.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic14 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic14_zps862e2136.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic15 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic15_zpsf9fcf419.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic16 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic16_zpsfde4757d.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic17 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic17_zpse2217269.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic18 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic18_zps6a8559df.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic19 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic19_zps587764cd.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic20 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic20_zps01767464.jpg

Macross RVF-25 Messiah Chogokin Pic21 photo RVF-25MessiahChogokinPic21_zps4e10b129.jpg 

To be honest, the pricing of recent chogokin toy related to Macross Frontier had been steep and those so called refined 2nd edition and same valkyrie mold with anniversary prints are driving me nuts. Just could not continue and pace with my latest procurement only at VF-171 Nightmare Plus. Frankly, I could hardly call this a review but more of blogging on the humble collection of the first edition, 1/60 Macross Frontier RVF-25 Messiah Luca Custom Chogokin, with pics of the valkyrie in fighter mode. RVF-25 as the 'R' suggested, as a variable fighter for Reconnaissance. It's a property of S.M.S (Strategic Military Services) assigned to Luca Angelloni of Skull squad. Modification of this custom VF-25 would be the radar disk mounted on top of the messiah and the antenna that could be flipped down. The radar disk could also be rotated and extended for broadening. The head design of the RVF-25 was unique to the rest as the head looked insect and with the overall green colour scheme, the mecha took on the image of a grasshopper. As for the gimmicks, the cockpit could be opened, showing the miniature Luca pilot and the set came with super messiah parts which are attachments.


LEon said...

Good collection. I have to agree that Macross is always on the high point pricing. If only it is not so ex....

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I saw a preloved refined version going @ 170 bucks but gave it a miss after thinking what am I gg to do with this thereafter.. Lol

chrismandesign said...

i don’t know how look the most recent releases of this kind of chogokin figures, but the older ones (like the one your publishing) is quite impressive in my opinion... i guess they have more diecast parts and the graphics are slightly better, but if you were lucky enough to get one of them, why you should pay more for the same item in general terms ???... there is a niche for these very expensive products, but as you said, the price is above your wildest dreams LOL... i love the color scheme in this custom Macross along with the whole design, is definitely my kind of stuff !!! =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm cool about having the first version just that it's kind of sucky that there always those refined version after a short while especially when it's rather typical for Bandai. I guess it's sometime good to wait for the best deal when I comes to side characters. I have learned from mistakes over the years of toy collection though recent blunder still happened due to impulse buying. Old habit dies hard... Lol... Anyway, I now seek advises from friends before buying and deal by recommendation of friends. Being selective and constantly convincing myself not to buy unless necessary ^_^

desmond said...

Can it transform?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah, too lazy to fully transform. You caught me bro ^_^


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