Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sword Art Online SAO Asuna アスナ Figma

Heard some news about another new season of 'Sword Art Online' SAO coming this year, having projectile beside swords. There fans who can't have more the anime whereas there are another handful who dearly missed the heavenly romance of Kirito and Asuna and think that the anime should have ended gracefully @ episode 12 when the first game ended. I belonged to the second group but welcome more and hopefully the anime would reach a new height.

Serial number 178 of Figma figure is one saucy heroine in red and white from 'Sword Art Online'. Don't you just love having a 12cm figure of Yuuki Asuna in 'Knights of the Blood' battle gear. Definitely one of most anime correct action figure of Asuna with 3 different expressions of her smiling, in war cry and signature pouting face. 

With Figma's extra pairs of changeable hands, refined posable joints and flexible high quality material used till date, fans of Asuna can re-enact various poses of their favourite SOA heroine with breeze with or with the aid of the transparent stand, without compromising posability. Her weapon of choice, the rapier made by Lisbeth, called the 'Lambent Light' as well as the sword she started the game with, the 'Silveric Rapier' are both included and could be kept perfectly in their shards. 

Similarity, to SAO Kirito Figma figure, it's also Figma's trade mark to include effect parts that could be attached to Lambent Light, for even more screen accuracy rapid slashing combat actions.

ps: Thank you Stanley for giving me the honor of opening the toy and reviewing it : )


chrismandesign said...

since i have not watched this series, i have no benchmark for the character itself, but the figure is indeed striking, the finishings are top notch, i think Figma is specially good when it comes to create anime accurate faces and i like the way they work on the hair... the packaging design, on the other hand, is quite normal, in that sense, Kaiyodo Revoltech figures have a more bold design... overall is a beautiful figure and a female character that should be appealing for many fans of this series !!! =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
I high recommend you give SAO a try. This is surely a highly sought Figma with the value appreciating as we speak. Figma indeed managed to capture the sculpt of many anime characters accurately sharp. The packaging is simple however consistent to the rest of the Figma packaging produced in the past.

burntrolls said...

your review is really cool and the anime looks interesting,Figma makes some really fine looking figures. Evangelion and Cowboy Beebop look really cool.

you influence me to buy some anime PVCs :D , I just hope its not too late for my wallet :P

deSMOnd said...

The video looks more like a love story..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Burntrolls
SAO is a really good anime... My wifee who isn't an anime goer joined me watching too! It's popular cos it appeal to both genders.

Figma is really great and had enjoyed many successes in anime figures. Awesome articulation, effect parts and face changing expression. Too bad I had sold off all my Figma and focus mainly on fix pose figurine like Bishuojo cos I'm lazy posing Figma.. Lol.. Beside, I'm having tight budget..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
This anime has action, MMORPG, knight fantasy and beautiful romance that's the essence...