Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dragonball Z Kai - Vegeta Hero Dragon Series Figure

Vegeta DBZ Hero Dragon Series Pic12 photo VegetaDragonHeroSeries_zpsf6779a5b.jpg

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Preview of Dragonball Z Kai - Trunks Hero Dragon Series Figure

Vegeta DBZ Hero Dragon Series Pic1 photo PrinceVegeta_zps3b907d1c.jpg 

When it comes to anime badass, Vegeta of Dragonball Z definitely deserve the consolation. The meaning of A to this prince of Saiyan got to be 'Arrogance'. On the other hand, some might empathized with him for being ignorant of his father's murder and manipulated by Frieza. It's always a love and hate feeling towards Vegeta however he's definitely stronger playing the villain role. I'm have a weakness for an DBZ in Saiyan suit so a grab when I saw it on offer during a of those Takashimaya crazy toy sales. Soft vinyl figure is most related to Ultraman in my childhood memories. In those days, simple figure with much affordable pricing till today, like this already brought a lot of fun and imagination play. 

Vegeta Hero Dragon Series Figure was released in 2009 in line with the enhanced Dragonball Z Kai anime. The figure came with a card of Vegata profile. An almost fix pose with only rotatable hands and hip. The elongated shoulder pad of Vegeta's Saiyan suit had restricted the arm full rotation. The traditional Saiyan suit and the tail wrapped around the waist had suggested the timeline was when Vegeta and Nappa were sent to destroy earth. Vegeta is actually a short dude so he probably set his hairstyle pointy for that extra height.


chrismandesign said...

i think i have seen this guy in the other side of the Pacific Ocean (also known as the "other side of the world" LOL)... HAHAHA... i do know how great is this figure in person !!!... nice paint job and sculpt, you can either play or display and it will work pretty fine (mine is already displayed along with a threesome of black Knights of the Zodiac and an american gang formed by GI-JOE and Marvel partners... pretty much a gathering of thugs and heroes !!!) =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Cool to hear tat u have all thugs and heroes assembled. It's going to be quite a brawl.... Lol... Any, vinyl figure can be quite cool in just standing pose (just one pose anyway) lol... For a little budget... Beside, Vegeta is one of my fav character in Dragonball Z

desmond said...

My favourite character besides Songoku..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Vegeta badass attitude is pretty cool and appealed to many. He's always persistent and only tailing Goku...


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