Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirrors

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic1 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic1_zpsf93c446a.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic2 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic2_zps6fe05833.jpg

 photo 513f4880-b81a-45e0-8a68-6673860e5160_zps735931d5.jpg

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Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic6 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic6_zpse0b3ab15.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic7 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic7_zps9a4236d0.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic4 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic4_zps65cdd4ad.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic8 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic8_zpse4d4d469.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic9 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic9_zpsc891f975.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic10 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic10_zpsace75188.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic13 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic13_zps5325898e.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic11 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic11_zpsf5e0a00e.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic12 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic12_zps496d3fe2.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic14 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic14_zps7b0f2a86.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic15 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic15_zpsd4e42016.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic17 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic17_zpse5cec855.jpg

Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirror Pic16 photo SailorMoonGashaponCompactMirrorPic16_zpsffe9b357.jpg 

Wifee had subscribed to Latendo's electronic newsletter on occasions she tried to get some otaku stuffs as gifts for me, which she's hasn't ever since we had kiddos... Boo woo... It got worst when she happened to find that Bandai had recently released Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirrors that could transform to lovely compact mirrors. These kawaii Sailor Moon Gashapon Compact Mirrors could also keep small items look rings, earrings and coins. 

Anyway, they are supposed to be cheap and could be bought right from capsule vending machine. However in my case, I could not even find a single gashapon vending machine catered to them and had a shock my life to know that they were almost sold out following the day, after the newsletter were sent out 0_0. How ridiculous! Have I underestimated the girls' power! ... It's atrocious ... Wifee just wanted any of the designs and since Latendo only had limited pieces left and was selling them as a complete set, I might as well paid a little bit more to collect'em all... I meant let her have'em all... Hoohoohoo (Too early for X'mas). 

I'm pretty certained that those compact mirrors in heart shape were the more desirable ones... True enough, wifee posted on her Facebook that she felt so blissful having received them and had then shared her happiness by giving two of them to our nine-year-old princess. In my opinion, those pouches like really photogenic but in actual the plastic look a bit cheap and I believed those chrome ain't going to last long. Nevertheless, it really about having fun, for the attachment to the anime and feeling great having those young sweet things ^_^


burntrolls said...

we all know you brought them for your secret sailor moon cosplaying, If we replace all the words 'Wifee' 'she' and 'her' with 'I' 'me' and 'my' it becomes very clear :P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> burntrolls
Ha! Ha! I need my wifee to comment and clarify on this... My secret collection is Bishuojo instead... I did watch SM in the past given there was limited anime those days been aired on TV

Wenz 宛仟 Denz 浩安 Xenz 燿榜 said...

Lol, I can vouch for his innocent. Those cuties are for me ^_^

Heheh...thx for the review ;)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you wifee! Lol... Surprised u really commented ^_^

on_o said...

Underestimate girl power and you'll be punished on the Moon's behest

deSMOnd said...

Bro, you blog on the girl stuff..Not bad..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> on_o
Never doubt the power of girls and not forgetting the familiar catch phase from SM... Lol

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Bro, this post is a special request made by my wifee. This blog began with her support or else those posts from the past would never exist : )

chrismandesign said...

the camera is not indulgent with the object photographed, like our eyes and these compact mirrors hardly look cheap... i think they look like props indeed !!!... probably they are lighter than they should, since i guess that the real ones should be metallic and obviously more delicate, but not cheap... they look great and realistic !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have to agree with u again pal... Prop or replica sounds a lot better... You always manage to see things in a more artistic way. With positive and wider perspective...

sl619 said...

Nvr seen this in Msia though. Maybe in the future? haha!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Do check out gashapon capsule machine near your shopping mall. Perhaps, there would be surprise ^_^


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