Sunday, 20 April 2014

Our CSC Flea Market Booth 20.04.2014

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic1 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic1_zpsd6abc0e8.jpg

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic2 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic2_zps4a7abe1c.jpg
Waiting for customers...

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic3 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic3_zps79135042.jpg
Irashaimase...Welcome to our store...

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic4 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic4_zps30f60850.jpg
My loot rather than selling (Not for Sale)

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic5 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic5_zpsbe04e07a.jpg
Kenny lotz of Star Wars on sale

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic6 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic6_zps58424578.jpg
For Justice fans

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic7 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic7_zps429ca902.jpg
For otaku

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic8 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic8_zps557a739e.jpg
For Transformers fans

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic9 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic9_zpsbbdb9749.jpg

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic10 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic10_zps3c05e63f.jpg

CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic12 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic11_zpsee92944c.jpg

 CSC Fleamarket 20042014 Pic13 photo CSCFleamarket20042014Pic12_zpsf452d570.jpg 

The Fantastic Four are back together and may our toys combined to form a booth @ CSC flea-market. We have been busy with our personal stuff since last Christmas and haven't been meeting up recently so today made a good day to gather. At the same time sell off some toys to make space for new ones. Stanley's talent on sale grows bright and Terrick's endurance on serving long-winded customers with length explanation was admirable. Kenny for brutal strength by carrying 2 big boxes one shot. As for me?! I'm Mr Butterfly for slacking away with half the time MIA. Caught spending more than what I had recovered through selling my toys. Hee! Hee! Thank you all who had supported us in one way or another. It had been a wonderful Sunday! Cheers :)


chrismandesign said...

HEHE... so far i have not had a flea market booth (probably because i still love my collectibles and i don’t want to get rid of them, LOL)... but at least, i meet my fellow collectors every now and then... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have long forget about making money from my collection. Guess I have always make wrong investment on toys. It's about having wat the like that matter most.

deSMOnd said...

Nice to see you on Sunday...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice to see you too bro! Thank you for the dinner treat yesterday ^_^


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