Thursday, 26 December 2013

Meeting (Toy) Room

Meeting Bandai SG Pic1 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic1_zpsdb037969.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic3 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic3_zps3f696ad7.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic4 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic4_zps926f39d4.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic6 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic6_zpsf8087962.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic2 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic2_zps38e5eb06.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic9 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic9_zps33042ef8.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic10 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic10_zpse3538ed8.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic5 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic5_zpsb8279bc8.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic7 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic7_zps70693133.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic8 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic8_zpsd9a769b2.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic11 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic11_zps28639b2c.jpg
S.H.Figuart Sailor Moon (Front) and 1/8 scale S.H.Figuart Zero Sailor Moon (Rear) 

Meeting Bandai SG Pic14 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic14_zps68f2462e.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic13 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic13_zps13cb4d60.jpg
1/1 scale Proplica Moonstick 

Meeting Bandai SG Pic12 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic12_zps178fcf65.jpg

Meeting Bandai SG Pic15 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic15_zpse2c7d2df.jpg
S.H.Figuart Sailor Mars

Meeting Bandai SG Pic16 photo MeetingBandaiSGPic16_zps5e72bb0f.jpg

Being a toy blogger does have its intangible benefits and mine come with the privilege of visiting our friendly Bandai local office. The honor is mine to meeting Bandai representatives and admiring the toys within the meeting room. Those toys were such distraction during our discussion cos I couldn't take my eyes of them. Hehe...

I was also able take a sneak preview of the upcoming Proplica Moonstick and S.H.Figuart Sailor Mars. Being one of the pioneer anime of fighting maiden, Sailor Moon had reached out to many as their heroine. Time to assemble Sailor Moon and her comrades in their closeness figurine form to anime as S.H.Figuart. 

Or you can empowered yourself with the power of moon by swing the 1/1 scale Proplica Moonstick which come with lights and sounds. IMHO, Proplica Moonstick could make a good backdrop when placed together with your collection of Sailor Moon S.H.Figuarts. 


James Chan said...

Bro, may I ask how do you managed to meet up with these companies for the visiting? Do they look for you or you know someone who is working there?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hi James, I was there for a focus group to give my views on toy trends and products.

bluedrakon said...

I bow to your awesomeness to get such an honor m(_ _)m

Thanks for the inside scoop and pics!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's indeed an honor to have the chance to pay the visit. Thank you to the Bandai Representatives too for allowing the photo shoot.

deSMOnd said...

envy bro!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

^_^ Cheers for Bandai

chrismandesign said...

you’re quite lucky, pal !!!... for me, it would be virtually impossible to visit any of the headquarters of my favorite collectible manufacturers... and as you mentioned, most of them are quite jealous with their products and usually handle a high level of confidentiality... =(

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Lucky Katsuden ^_^ ... I'm happy about sharing my views and promoting toy companies, events and the toy community in general.


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