Japan! Otaku Trip! Part 5! - Kotobukiya Store

Our next stop, the renown Kotobukiya store @Akihabara! If you are a fan of model kits and premium anime character statue (DC and StarWars too!), Kotobukiya is definitely a manufacturer of not stranger to many with their line up of statue, model kit, Bishoujo under license of Zoids, Armored Core, DC, Marvel, Tekken, Starwars, Evangelion and Muv-Luv which is most attractive to me. Of course they have many other household products...

Kotobukiya store @Akihabara give a good reference of their proud products from Diorama display to life-sized statue. Visitors also get the chance to see their new product which yet to be released been showcased. I won't really recommend buying toys from the store unless you are unable to find the stuff elsewhere in the area cos the items are at their released retail price. Well, I still got a Starwars Mug with Tokyo Tower print as souvenir for a friend and Agent S settled with some Armor core weapon accessories. 


Ant Sized Man said...

Star wars, mecha and 2d cutie fest, me like.
The Muv Luv dio surrounded with BETA is a favorite.
Please keep making me jealous with more great photos from your trip.

chrismandesign said...

i go for Muv Luv/Super Robot Wars/Armored Core mechas as well... the white coupe with the pair of Evangelion’s gashapons by Bandai (!!!???) looks incredibly delicious, also the EVA watches, the girls statues fest and the motorbikes made my day... =OOOOO

deSMOnd said...

I love the Star Wars corner..Lots of female anime PVC figures available in the store..You must be enjoyed a lot!!

bluedrakon said...

Seriously, I don't think I could EVER come to Japan. I would be broke before I even got back on the plane for the return trip - LOL.

I know my son nearly lost it seeing all the Zoids!

Om3ga062012 said...

I like the mecha diorama (the one that being repaired by mechanics) looks very realistic. Love that sexy figures too...XD

Stanley Lim said...

Here is what Agent S bought: GM ARTILLARY WEAPONARY!https://www.facebook.com/stanley.l.heng/posts/10151383042491693

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Ant Sized Man
Me like too! Indeed an eye feast during my Japan visit. Each box of Muv-Luv kit only come with one BETA so this diorama is hard to achieve.

>> chrismandesign
Those figures on bikes caught my attention with a lot of styles and coolness. Good fusion and refreshing. They look proportional too!

>> deSMOnd
I know Starwars is your cup of tea and yes, I collecting more gal figures these days. Too many heroines flood anime anime in recent years.

>> bluedrakon
Don't give up and it will be achievable when the resources are pulled together. I'm sure her wifee is supportive and when your family members sharing the same interest, it's just right for you.

>> Om3ga062012
A wide good range of stuff by Kotobukiya which would attract anyone of different genre.

>> Stanley Lim
Admire your dedication to Gunpla and promotion the hobby. Thanx for the link bro...

jeroprime said...

Toys heaven, thanks for the nice photo.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for revisiting bro!