Monday 13 May 2013

Gundam 00 Exia GN-001 Tumbler

I don't have a permanent office desk to display my personal stuff, but my colleagues would known that I'm on duty and occupying a particular workstation, just by seeing my Gundam 00 Exia tumbler, exclusively just me! I bet this is a prize item by Banpresto and in Japan, anyone would have a pay a certain amount and pick it from lucky draw. Well, I obtained it from my resource agent counterpart 'S'. 

The tumbler came in a well-designed box which states that there are total of 4 different designs. I guess  they are gundam of the three other Meisters. Around the tumbler is the picture of Exia GN-001, in dagger swinging melee pose. The cover on top is removable by turning with a small sliding lid. 

For photogenic pleasure, I have used Setsuna F. Seiei, trading figure and 1/100 HG Exia GN-001, so they not included.. With 1/100 HG Exia GN-001 beside, it's served as a reference to the size of the tumbler.  


chrismandesign said...

such kind of item by Banpresto is very unusual... is a great gift in fact !!! something you can collect and use every day, seriously is the way to keep someone in mind... =DDDDD it has as well the right size for a refreshing sip of... Gundam !!!... =)

Unknown said...

Now time for Trans Am Mode!

deSMOnd said...

r u using it?

David John Shewsbury said...

This is nice, I don't mind to have this and bring it with me during my Japanese class.

sl619 said...

Everyone will know that katsuden is here when they see this! Haha!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Indeed pal... Veri well said... It's an integration of Gundam to my everyday life. I would feel that it takes away some stress at work slowly with each sip. : )

>> Stanley Lim
Trans Am Mode! Lolz, I boss would sure luv me if I'm able to perform in this mode. It's probably multiple time fast than what Char could do!

>> deSMOnd
Yup! Making practical use of the tubber though it's also nice to have it on display. I use it to have hot green tea every time @ work.

>> David John Shewsbury
Cool! You are picking up Japanese language! Maybe you would enjoy the anime even more and put it in good use when u visit Japan.

>> sl619
Lolz... Definitely and some of colleague already started calling me "Gundam". I kind to like this nick!

bluedrakon said...

That is one tumbler I want on my desk too. I just checked out Amazon and they want over $40 for one. I guess I will just have to wait until a con comes along.

Great gift!!

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