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Japan! Otaku Trip! Part 1!

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic1 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic1_zps534350b4.jpg
Lotz of banners and poster on toys, games, anime and manga! Welcome to Akihabara!

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic2 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic2_zpsfa944cca.jpg
First hobby shop we visited was Tam Tam

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic3 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic3_zpsbfa70507.jpg

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic4 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic4_zpsbee457b9.jpg

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic6 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic6_zpsd9a7e966.jpg

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic7 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic7_zpsc232cabd.jpg
Typical street of Akihabara

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic8 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic8_zps0adbac51.jpg
If you are into game and anime dvd, look for Traders! They are few in Akihabara, some a few storey high 

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic9 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic9_zps81800e65.jpg
You can even find vintage game console and games @ Traders

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic10 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic10_zpsac402df2.jpg

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic11 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic11_zpsaa327532.jpg
First time I see so many Gundam dvd selling on shelves

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic12 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic12_zps6a7caed9.jpg
Not from Traders, but a snap-shot of shop selling anime stuff like eroge for the mature audience

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic13 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic13_zps984c5477.jpg
If you are a fan of AKB48, you know where to find them at Akihabara

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic14 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic14_zps5a51b070.jpg

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic15 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic15_zpseac9aedf.jpg
Lotz of toyshops with awesome display...

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic16 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic16_zps7455ac73.jpg
Mountain of toys! This is only one of the shoptoys @ Akihabara

 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic17_zpsfac765d0.jpg

Akihabara Toys Part1 Pic1 photo AkihabaraToysPart1Pic18_zps44a1bcbc.jpg
I could not resist this trading figure of Yui Takamura from the anime Muv-Luv Total Eclipse and paid a 3000 yen. Not to mention, I bought the model kit of Takemikaduchi-Type-00F

Pardon my 2 weeks hiatus as I was on a top secret mission, assigned to the land of the rising sun to gather some intelligence on toys, games, anime and manga. I'm not alone for this mission as I have agent Stanley, just call him 'S' for short. Yesssssss!!!!! I had finally taken this big step to realizing my dream of visiting Japan solely for the purpose of toy searching! This is an ideal otaku trip for me! Won't happened without a good companion and blessing from my love ones, especially from my wife who had given me her full support, who had even helped us booked the flight tickets and accommodation. 

When agent 'S' and I touched down in Japan, it was closed to midnight and in our midst confusion, we had receiving helping hands from Miss Megumi Chan who brought us to take the train. Japan's railway network can be really complex and super packed when closed to midnight! When we reached Akihabara station, we were also approached by a nice gentleman who offered his assistance by showing us the way to our lodging place. These good gestures from Japanese who were totally strangers to us had given us deep impression of how helpful Japanese are! Two thumbs up!

We stayed @ Dormy Inn, which is about 10 minutes walk from Akihabara station. A good choice of accommodation as there's a 24hr supermarket beside and a 24hr foodstore selling tasty & cheap beef bowl rice just across the road. The plus point of Dormy Inn is that they provide hot spring bath which was heaven for us the night we reached the inn, after traveling in the chilly night of between 7 to 13 degree. Less than 200m away from the inn are toyshops.  

I have taken a lot of pics so for a start, let me just show you the buildings and street of where toys, games, anime and manga are concentrated at Akihabara.


James Chan said...

You know what bro, I am so jealous of you now! Haha!

LEon said...

I am Jealous too! Envy

chrismandesign said...

it was about time for you to come back pal !!!... well, if James and LEon are jealous... i already joined the club LOL... great, awesome !!! what a privilege to be in Japan, congrats !!!... i would love to be there, not only for the toys but for the culture in general terms... is nice to know about the kindness of the people there, i guess in Singapore is pretty much like that... =)

Stanley Lim said...

It is like filming Amazing Race Akihabara!!! Agent D, you got good taste for toys haha!

Ant Sized Man said...

Awesome! I stayed in akiba on my first visit and i arrived at Tokyo station a 5, rush hour, was mad and unlike anything ive ever seen before.

Seeing your pics makes me really miss Akihabara.

David John Shewsbury said...

Roughly how much the trip cost you in all (flight, hotel, transports, foods, shopping etc.) - around SGD 5K ? or within SGD 10K ?

Need this info as rough pointer of how much I needed for my trip in the future....

Thanx in advance

Kelvin Lok said...

Hey, I was on biz trip in Tokyo from 24 to 30 March!
Any photos of all your loot? Here's mine. :)

Jcee said...

Oh man congrats on the trip man! I too am planning for my Japan Otaku trip for next year hahaha! Glad I am not alone in going to Japan with the main purpose of toy hunting hahaha!

Mind me asking how much was Dormy Inn per night? Feel free to email me if you don't want to talk about it here.

Can't wait to read more of your trip!

deSMOnd said...

Bro, glad to hear you enjoyed the trip and look forward for more pictures and interesting information uploaded in your next post :)

Om3ga062012 said...

Now that's everywhere XD...Can't wait for the next part,bro ^^

bluedrakon said...

That is so cool that you fianlly got a chance to go and be in the meca we all want to be in.

I would be scared that by the time I left Japan, my credit cards would be maxed and I wouldn't get all the boxes of goodies on the plane to come home.

Very much looking forward to your other shots!

sl619 said...

wow bro... You finally went to the land that started it all.

Jealous la we all. HAHAHA!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thanx guys for all the kind comments! For your queries, I booked 11 nights stay with Dormy Inn online which is ard 700 Singapore dollars per person for a twin sharing room. My total expenditure including flight, accommodation, food & buying to stuffs is ard 4000 Sing dollars.

I will post more pics and visit all your blogs soonest.

David John Shewsbury said...

Oh ok, so its around $4K plus - its not that bad... I really tot that its gonna cost arms and legs (around $10K) to be a tourist in Japan. Thanx for the info, its really helpful.

Stanley Lim said...

depends on what kind toy u are buying. haha.

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