Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Unicorn Gundam Head Bust

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic1 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic1_zpse2443fb1.jpg
Boxart with see through window

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic2 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic2_zps31c1662b.jpg
Requires only a few parts interchanging between two modes

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic3 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic3_zps25ecc941.jpg
Size reference with 1/100 scale Gunpla beside

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic4 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic4_zpscb0f0515.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic5 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic5_zps394c3df1.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic6 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic6_zps24411435.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic7 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic7_zpsd8fc4c7a.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic8 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic8_zpsca471ded.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic9 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic9_zpsc402c159.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic10 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic10_zpsa833e227.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic11 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic11_zpsb671d875.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic12 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic12_zps5b9aa334.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic13 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic13_zpsc5d93e38.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic14 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic14_zps61a936d4.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic15 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic15_zps1e1e65fa.jpg

Unicorn Gundam Head Pic16 photo UnicornGundamHeadPic16_zps182e1bff.jpg 

Here's another post related to Unicorn Gundam to get you in the mood of the coming episode 6 screening. Featuring a non-scale head bust of Unicorn Gundam which is slightly smaller than human head. So you can visualize how big the box is. I have taken a pic with 1/100 Gunpla beside it for better size reference. Made by Banpresto, this Unicorn Gundam head bust has no electronic function, but by reassembling a few parts, the head can change from Destroy Mode to Unicorn Mode and vice versa. Good gimmick there! The head bust is preprinted and ready for display straight out from the box.

ps: Item courtesy of Stanley...


chrismandesign said...

Banpresto is doing a great job when it comes to Gundam collectibles !!! i have not seen this head bust before, is huge !... i can imagine it with leds, it will add a lot realism... nice item pal !!! =)

bluedrakon said...

Talking about having a big head - lol!!!

It is good that they have both versions of the helmet so you can change it up once in a while

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
Can't agreed with you more pal! Banpresto is innovating itself on novelty stuff that differs from Bandai. The stuffs are usually fun and gimmicky.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> bluedrakon
Indeed, it more than meets the eyes. Not just a big head but one that could transform between two modes. I also find the head fascinating...

sl619 said...

Banpresto items are very sturdy albeit their softer plastic. Is this easily available in the market? As I nvr come across it in Malaysia


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