Monday, 17 December 2012

MG FA Gundam NT-1 Alex

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic1
MG kit released in September 1999

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic2
Straight built with remarkable mechanical concept

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic3

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic4

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic5
Sprayed the rifle black

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic6

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic7

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic8
FA armour plates could be taken off which gave a new look to Gundam NT-1 Alex

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic9

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic10

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic11

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic12
Mantled gatling guns on the forearm could be pulled up

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic13

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic14

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic15

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic16

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic17

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic18

MG Alex NT-1 Gundam Pic19


The first time I saw a robot with extra armour plated was seeing Macross VF-1J GBP (Great Battroid Pack) on the anime and after I was introduced to Gundam, this excitement struck me again and it's none other than the OVA 'War In Pocket' U.C 0080. Epic scene showing the mines detonated on FA (Full Armour) Gundam NT-1 and the MS walking out from the smoke with the extra armour dropping but MS still functioning. 

Guess I haven't been blogging much on my own collection of model kits. I'm not much of a Gunpla builder either but the interest still go strong in me and I would introduce you guys a bit at a time, given the fact that model kit required more time and effort. Anyway, there's my MG FA Gundam NT-1 Alex which was snapped built, decaled (stickers and dry transfer) with some paneling. I only sprayed the rifle black. Minimum effort here because I have bigger plan for this kit. 

Considering this a rather old MG kit released in September 1999, with so far no version 2 of it. This kit was re-issued recently an featured on November 2012 issue of Dengeki Magazine. In my opinion, the kit as look awesome from straight built with remarkable mechanical concept. Just like what was shown on the anime, the full armour plates could be taken off which gave a new look to Gundam NT-1 Alex.

The thing I find unique to this kit is the rubber tubing that covered the joint between the upper torso to the arms. It kind of reminded me of those old Patlabor Ingram kits. I loved the big 'Alex' decal on the shield as it gave the MS a lot of character. A good gimmick of the kit is that the mantled gatling guns on the forearm could be pulled up for additional fun factor.   


deSMOnd said...

I prefer the Gundam without extra armour..Grey armour looks extra to me :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Wow! Very fast comment bro! I'm the opposite. I'm much fancinated by those extra armour.

arvinangeles2012 said...

Christina ftw! Its awesome!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx bro! The kit and the figure complimented each other well even the figure is not to scale.

Ant Sized Man said...

Love it!
Been hoping that the Alex with full armor is always the next RG kit bhut not yet.

I like how it make the gundam look somewhat more real, damn good gunpla for over 10 years old.

chrismandesign said...

when i saw this Gundam without the armor, i thought in the RX-93... are they related in any way ???... it looks like a space unit (i mean, not ground unit)... the overall appearance is very classic... i agree that it looks better without the external armor... =)

Om3ga062012 said...

This is awesome, the full armor is similar with Duel's Assault Shroud armor. I like the hidden weapon too

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yup. Duel Assault Shroud take the design of FA Gundam NT-1 Alex. I like Duel Assault Shroud as well and bought the 1/100 HG version before Bandai released the MG. Argh...

LEon said...

The Alex on the shield and the hidden guns in his arms are cool.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes bro! Gundam had innovate itself even back then. Very cool!


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