Thursday, 13 December 2012

B-Club Christina Mackenzie Trading Figure

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic1
Box artwork - Unusual B-Club trading figures of heroines from Gundam series

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic13
Christina Mackenzie in drawing

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic2
Actual Christina Mackenzie trading figure with stand

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic3

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic4

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic5

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic6

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic7

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic14
Drawing illustration of Christina Mackenzie with helmet

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic8

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic9
Colour shading at areas near the helmet

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic10

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic12
Drawing illustration of a more sensual Christina Mackenzie

B Club Christina Mackenzie Fig Pic11 
Prelude to what's coming...

From Gundam OVA 0080 U.C 'War In The Pocket', Club-B with Christina Mackenzie 3.5" trading figure, brought us back to the tragic ending of the couple who nearly came an item if not for their duties and obligations which resulted in such twist of fate under warring circumstance. 

Very unusually for B-Club to produced trading figures of heroines from Gundam series in blind box as my impression of B-Club associated mainly with resin figures and customised parts. I haven't seen this sold locally as I got mine from eBay and had paid a little more for the only figure I like from the series, needless to say, Christina Mackenzie in her pilot suit. 

B-Club has a reputation of producing their stuffs in limited quantity mainly for Japan domestic market therefore I didn't hesitate in getting this. A fairly well-sculpted and prepainted fix posed figure of Christina Mackenzie in pilot suit with the helmet in her hand, showing the long reddish-brown hair in contour. The fitting pilot suit also shown the flattery figure of the character. 

The insignia and emblems in the suit were neat and tidy. Can even see some colour shading at areas near the helmet and boots (Nice touch even if it is factory defect). An area the figure should improve on  would be the facial, especially the eyes of the character. It's always the hardest part to perfect the facial likeness of any trading figure to the anime character. Can't really complain for the price I'm paying for.


on_o said...

Nice swoop! I always had a soft touch for this War in the Pocket mini-series as: -SPOILERS ALERT-
The character named Alfred had to live the rest of his life with the truth that Christina killed Bernie, a fact which Christina never found out and is privy to Alfred alone...Such a tragedy.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thanx bro! Most of the endings during U.C timeline ain't happy or imperfect like in real life. The spoilers are pretty ok since the OVA was released ages ago. The thing in common with you and that Alfred, are that you guys are both Zeon supporters. You choose the wrong side pal... Lolx

RiP666 said...

I thought B-Club only in resin, but this TF of cristina is nice,, I wonder if the helmet can be put on

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I thought so too before I come across this. The helmet cannot be put up. This is really one of those few character of Christina. I think B-Club have a 1/8 resin figure of this character not I would only go for prepainted ones.

deSMOnd said...

For a small figure like this, the paint job is considered very good :P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

May its the eyes I like that didn't come close to how Christina look in the anime. Other then that I satisfied with figure. It makes me buy Gundam NT-1 Alex. But I got big plan for the MG kit...

chrismandesign said...

i had not heard about this brand, but as a resin kits maker you could expect something nice and this TF is really good in detail and paint job (except for the eyes as you mentioned, they’re too big even for an anime figure and huge compared with those of the actual character)... the work here reminds me pretty much the figures by CMS which are great too... uhmmm, it will pass some time before i can publish stuff like these... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

B-Club mainly cater to Japan market so it natural that most collector outside Japan come across such a brand. This figure has come close to those trading figures by CMS. However, in my opinion, CMS did better in terms of facial sculpt and paint. I totally love CMS Macross character figures especially Hikaru, Roy and Max in their Valkyrie flight suit.

bluedrakon said...

It is odd that they would do that to her eyes. Te other figures are fine, but hers seem to be over the top for some reason.

I can see why you would want to add her to your collection.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yup. It's the eyes! The reason Christina was made with her pilot suit and that other heroines already had their preview previously, made Christina's figure niche. Beside, she complimented well with my MG Gundam Alex NT-1.


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