Friday, 23 November 2012

Dark Angel Phoenix Resurrection - Dark Yokuo Figure

Great likelihood of both knight fantasy and samurai elements found on the figure are the reasons this figure caught my eyes. A figure which I bought, love first sight and thereafter did some searches to know that its a character figure based on a short manga title 'Dark Angel' - Phoenix Resurrection, by Kia Asamiya. Figure of Dark Yokuo is one of the first of two figures to be released in the line by Alpha Toy. Probably due to the small pool of fans or short storyline, there isn't a second wave. Needless to say that fans would be at least pleased, that the manga has action figures merchandise which most comic didn't make it this far.

The good points of this figure is the splendid sculpting and highly detailed painting like the the good colour separation with a mixture of silver and chrome colours. The figure has 8 points of articulation, mainly the arms, torso and neck. However, there is hardly any point of articulation below the waist hence it limits the number of posing possible. A regular action figure standing @ approximately 8" with only two accessories like his sword and a miniature angel Kyo. The left hand of this Yokuo figure is fully clutched, so the right hand is the only means to hold the sword in scabbard. Such a pity that the sword could not be drawn out! I also couldn't find a other place to holster the sword apart from Yokuo holding it on his right hand. The miniature angel Kyo is rather exquisite and detailed in paint job. It can be attached to the left shoulder of Yokuo.

Synopsis - Dark Yokuo is ruler of the Land of the South Wind, the Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix. A master swordsman and skilled warrior, Yokuo still has a lot to learn about governing his land. At his side is his trusted fairy spirit, Kyo. Over the years, Kyo has long served as counsel and protector to each and every Phantom Saint of the Red Phoenix. However, she finds Yokuo the most hot-headed and stubborn Saint yet. When trouble arises in the West, both Yokuo and Kyo must travel to the Land of the West Wind to confront its ruler Leen, Phantom Saint of the Blue Dragon.


chrismandesign said...

HEHE... i didn’t know Image Comics published this particular series... is not that they don’t publish this kind of titles, but this one is a novelty, i have not heard about it... =O this figure looks very vintage, yet has a lot of detail and the angel which seem to be smaller than a gashapon has a good work both in sculpt and paint... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! I didn't even know there's a comic of this until after having the figure pal. You at least heard of Image Comic. Indeed a vintage figure and I believed the comic was introduced to US when its floodgate opened to manga during the introduction 'Ghost in the Shell'. A simply figure with great paint job to me.

deSMOnd said...

Agree with you..a small figure with great paint job!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I guess the paint job has conpensated the shortcoming of the lack of articulation. Maybe was supposed to be fixed pose and Alpha Toy added a little articulation at the last minute. Just a wild guess... Lolz.

sl619 said...

i nvr heard of this comic before. haha! but i respect the detail of the miniature Kyo.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I will expect that the comic is hardly known to many. Hopefully this post can help promote the existence of 'Dark Angel' a little. Indeed, the well paint effort was recognized and respected, given its an old figure.


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