Thursday, 6 September 2012

Simply Toys @ STGCC 2012

If you are into character statues, Kotobukiya kits and figures, 'Simply Toys' would simply be the choice. It seems that 'Simply Toys' had forcused more on sale over exhibition this STGCC, cos we usually could find awesome statue at their outlets but not at this STGCC 2012, 'Simply Toys' booth.

Well, there were some decent display of Ironman head bust, Marvel statues, Kotobukiya manga style Marvel heroines bishojou fix-pose figure, Kotobukiya kits (Zoids, Danboard and Rockman aka Megaman). The display that caught my eyes were the Yu Yu Hakusho figures. Fond memories watching the anime and playing the game on Playstation One with my childhood friends during my secondary school days. 

A good buy from 'Simply Toy' booth this STGCC would be Kotobukiya Danboard model Yotsubato! kit only at $35 (member price: $30). Great kit for customisation and there's even weapon set for expansion. I was sold out on the first day shortly after. 


chrismandesign said...

the work on the marvel characters’ statues is outstanding, also in the movie GIJoe Snake-Eye and all the assortment of Bishojou series... the Koto kits are still a mystery for me, i’ve heard some criticism about the quality of the resin, but once you paint them there will not be trace of resin and its level of detail is at least as good as that you can expect from Bandai... obviously there is a difference between japanese QC and chinese QC, but this difference is lesser as time goes by... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The Marvel statues at their outlets would be even more impressive as their display at this year STGCC had scaled down. I think would prefer HT Barney Ross over the statue. The Bishojou is certainly an eye-candy for me too! I'm not so much of a Danboard fan but had recently gotten some Kotobukiya kits because of anime like SRW OG & Muv-Luv.

bluedrakon said...

I love how Kotobukiya does the art and then sculptures, but now Zoids.

RED HULK says, "That is just cool."

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

From my observation, Kotobukiya had lately diverted their business strategy from resin model to model kits to share a pie in friendly model kits to amateurs before Bandai takes them all.

It always appeared to me that Red Hulk is released as exclusive in my toy line.

deSMOnd said...

Both tekken female character statues look awesome..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I will go for Kotobukiya Tekken Alisa Bosconovich bishojou figure mainly becos of the pink hair and futuristic feel. Certainly like the anime style of sculpting.