Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gunpla Expo 2012 Gundam Singapore 2012 Highlights & Promotions

Received these information this morning but had been struggling to upload the pics. We know that Gunpla Expo 2012 Singapore 2012 falls on 30th August with 6 days counting down. Don't just hit on without knowing the highlights and promotions (Irresistible discount) you will be getting into once the event launches. Be sure to tune into further for the exclusives and pre-orders.   


James Chan said...

The price for Strike Freedom is tempting for me!! But I guess I will be skipping the Gundam expo for the STGCC. Really hates it when the event comes together. May make my way there for some photo takings on one of the weekdays..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's true that it's going to be quite hectic when both big Otaku events come together at such close time. Can foresee, I'll be dead blogging both back to back... I'm sacrificing my 25 dollars shift allowance just to go to STGCC.

bluedrakon said...

It is so depressing to see the cool items you get to purchase.Makes on want to move to your country :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Sorry for otakus or modellers from the western continents. I guess it makes you guys treasured your existing collection even more when it's hard to come by.


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