Friday, 9 March 2012

Gunpla Sale & Promo For SG Enthusiasts

It's not just Transformers convention now happening in Singapore. There's some news on Gunpla hobbyist in Singapore. Hobby Kulture is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary and Gunpla are now on sale starting today! Gundams kits buy 2 and above @35% off! All other kits @50% off! Tools & accessories@ 25% Off!

Check out the latest Gundam Series, Gundam AGE! Gundam Age Promotion at Plaza Singapura main atrium from 12th to 18th March. Learn how to assemble model kits from our instructors, scan the new AG Gundam model kit in the new Gage-ing machine to experience a virtual battle. Gundam AGE Model kit exhibition and exclusive free premiums to be won! 

I'm going down town to check them out....


bluedrakon said...

I need to get my son's laptop setup so he can watch this series, but I thought it was only a game so far :(

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I think Gundam Age is very suitable for young audience and he should like it. Perhaps he can start with playing SD Gundam Capsule Fighter online. Can play for free.