Sunday, 13 November 2011

One Piece ワンピース Figurines @ AFA 2011

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic1

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic2
One Piece figure sold @ Bandai sale booth

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic3
Chopper that's bigger that Going Merry

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic4
Going Merry Flight mode

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic17

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic18
Banpresto gasaphon of 'One Piece'

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic16

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic7
Monkey D. Luffy

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic5

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic14
Tony Tony Chopper

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic13

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic8

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic6

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic15

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic9

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic10

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic11

One Piece At AFA 2011 Pic12 

This is the first time I blogged about 'One Piece' and since I'm not really a fan of this anime beside watching a few episodes and hearing it from my friends, kindly pardon me for the lack of information. In my opinion, 'One Piece' started off more as an anime that appeals to children, light-heart with some serious fights at intervals. It's like how 'Dragonball' initially started. I guessed as time goes by, the fans grown up and the anime also slowly changed it's direction maturely. The crew of 'Going Merry' had  developed and some evolved after endless battles and training. The story setting based on pirates gave it a wide galaxy of expansion, overflowing with ideas for continuity. It's no wonder 'One Piece' is by far the longest running anime with over 500 episodes till today. Over the years, the anime had also gained much popularities, making it one of the top selling manga & anime. It's hard to go wrong with big toy companies like Bandai and Banpresto producing the figurines.

My favourite 'One Piece' opening goes to 'Fight Together' by Namie Amuro


chrismandesign said...

i heard that in my home town there are some One Piece fans but actually i haven’t seen not a single episode of this series (although some figures are available here too)... those figures are pretty fine and colorful but for some reason i still prefer gashapons over trading figures... is this series larger than Dragon Ball (including Z and GT) pal ???

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have a friend who visited Taiwan told me the anime was super popular there. Can't tell if Dragonball or One Piece is bigger. I guess to appeal to different people. Fans from different era too! Lol...

LEon said...

Actually One piece is popular than Dragonball now as the episode has been on going for years! Even the anime some pple just gave up. LOL not a good thing for some.

LEon said...
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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

There's a valid point bro. The number of episodes One Piece has clearly exceeded Dragonball and One Piece is still going strong. With over 500 episodes till day, it's a psychology barrier even for me to start. Lol..

bluedrakon said...

My son is very much into this as he reads it in his Shonen Jump magazine.

Me, I just want NAMI!!!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I have a friend who is following 'One Piece' faithful week by week, he would update himself with either anime or the manga. I was surprise that he does go for any of the merchandise.


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