Wednesday 27 July 2011

SD Unicorn Gundam

New generation of SD Gundam kits like this is bigger in size, better articulated and comes with more interesting features. I'm helping William to touch up his SD Unicorn Gundam and also to take some pics of this cute little buddy. You don't see stickers on the kit cos William had used them on his HGUC Unicorn Gundam. William had glued the V-fins together so this little buddy will be stuck in its Unicorn mode, poor thing. Hee! Hee! Well, this little buddy is easy to work on given that it's all mint and white. Some panel lines will the trick in adding life to the kit. The visor and fangs on the face kind of reminds me of Tallgeese. An unfortunate event happened when I was painting the thrusters, damn.... I screwed it with those spill-over silver paint. Sorry William!


Gundam Gunso said...

Dun worry about the silver paint. Mishaps happens all over the time. The kits still looks good XD

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx bro, each time I do a kit, it's training. Won't feel so bad if it's my own kit.

Twill Innovations said...

No worries Bro. If I'm the one doing, I wouldn't even bother abt the panel lines... Lol... Now, how abt helping me to do up my SD Shinaju too....? ;p

KazeTora said...

Laplace booooox!!! :D

canopy said...

Seems to me that newer SD kits are getting better in every aspect, the same with the HGUCs.
I wonder how to remove the excess gold /silver paint from the plastic.., last time I use a Gundam thinner, but didn't work tho.

KazeTora said...

@canopy: Have u tried using pen knife?

RiP666 said...

this is your work whatever it takes bro :D
btw I really start to like the new developed design of SD line,,

chrismandesign said...

no, no, no... they look cute, they have better articulations & extra features, but they don’t convince me yet HAHAHAHAHA... uhmmm, i think at the beginning of the next year i will have (GOD willing) all the stuff to begin the paint job on any of my simpler kits (u will not dare to begin with a MG, don’t u ??? LOL), hey u r increasing ur skills =)

sl619 said...

this is one of the best looking SD kits in the market now. The transformation gimmick is good and the decals provided are spot on! a little repaint on the clear red part and its perfect!

bluedrakon said...

It never fails me how much SD Gundam rock. It is cool that it transform to Destroy mode.

Ummm - can that horn get any bigger though?

canopy said...

haven't try it, but I think I'll try it to my older gunplas for practice. :D

LEon said...

Nice bro. But where's the decals? Is the owner going to put the decal himself?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> ZelnoX
Ha! Ha! I think SD Sinanju will be safer in your hands.

>> KazeTora
Ha! Ha! That joke to epic my friend. Thanx for the tips on Gunpla with pen knife.

>> canopy
I guess KazeTora san had mentioned it for me. Oh, I forget, try water-based marker paints. They are easier to handle.

>> RiP666
I see your point bro. Every kit we built and paint is like a child of ours. No matter the result.

>> chrismandesign
Typical of you to anti SD Gundam kit. Ha! Ha! MG ain't so difficult to just straight build. I see, HG is more comfortable for a start.

>> sl619
I think SD Gundam Wing is also very cool for recent release. It cool seeing on cubbybot's blog.

>> bluedrakon
The transformation given that this is just an SD kit is impressive. Even the HG is non-transformable.

>> LEon
William used those stickers on his HG Unicorn Gundam. I had taken the pics and will showcase his art piece in subsequent postings. Stay tuned. Lol...

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