Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I just can't get enough of GM so my next Master Grade to be build will be 1/100 scale RGM-79C, also known as GM Type C. This is a kit released in 2002 whereby the instruction manual by then had been simplified for easier understanding. It's a lot more clearer compared to instruction manual of MG GM Custom. This kit took me approximately three hours to snapfit (some filing required as well). It has got inner frame for the limps and the torso is supported by the non-escape pod. It's also a kit that uses screws to fasten the kneel joints. All that's left now is panel lining, decal application and overcoat.


deSMOnd said...

Great job, bro :)

LEon said...

It's quite rare to see screw on model kit. Now model kits are screwless on there joints.

chrismandesign said...
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chrismandesign said...

at the beginning of ur review, u sounded a bit like the famous soul singer Barry White (i guess u know him, right ???) when he sings his well-known song... "I just can get enough of your love, baby..." HAHAHAHAHAHA... it could make nonsense for everyone, but not for me =PPPPP... this guy is pretty much simpler than the previous GM u published, but it looks nice assembled, i must say =)

bluedrakon said...

That is quite impressive that it actually had screws that are needed to build it. Bigger is better!

sl619 said...

This was my second master grade after Aile Strike Gundam. Ahh.. the memories.. XD

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Thank you bro! I try to polish a bit each and at times try out new methods.

>> LEon
I think you are right bro. Newer kits should be screwless.

>> chrismandesign
It's truly a coincidence for me to sound like the song you know of. You right to say that this kit is similar to my previous featured kit due to the same colour scheme. This model is basically an upgraded version of the first GM.

>> bluedrakon
It's my first time dealing with Gunpla with screws. It's a good way to strengthen the joints. Like what Leon had said, probably this method exist in older kit like this that was produced in 2002

>> sl619
Aile Strike Gundam must be your fav for it to be your first MG kit assembled. Did you started liking Gundam after Gundam Seed board-cast. My first MG kit is Ez8.

sl619 said...

Yup that's true bro! I love that mecha as it can run out of power which is kinda "real". I actually bought that before i even know what "Gundam" means as it attracted my eyes at that moment. After a year i think, then only i realize there's a series called "Gundam". That particular MG is actually my 1st Gunpla. However, my favourite mecha at the moment is Gurren Lagann. XD
Pierce thru the heavens!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I see. Gurren Lagann is ultra hyper too with its drill attack!