Thursday 17 February 2011

Fan-project Transformers Head Masters

As the collectors for Transformers are on the rise, the demand for vintage TF toys increased and finding a complete TF toy become harder. Some fan projects or you can call it bootlegs like this had provided solutions to many with the Transformers' body but without the Head Master, which is the soul of the toy. Don't you think it's pretty incomplete having Black Zarak or Scorpionoid missing the head! From a different perspective, I view that even though these Master Heads ain't official product of Takara or Hasbro, they are well made and differ very little from the original. The beautiful artwork and box design had somehow given this gift set a certain degree of collector's value. What do you think?

Courteous of Jason's toy


chrismandesign said...

i’m against the bootlegs & is my personal opinion cuz there r many people interested in them... however, i think the fans projects r something different... indeed, i hav 2 TF figures by Justitoys, a fan project (as u already know, my dear colleague =) & i like them so much... so i think these headmaster figures hav their own merit, i would never think into transformable heads for TFs, they seem sturdy & made of a good resin although lack a bit in detail, even for tiny figures like them, but they r doing their effort to solve some specific needs of collectors & that’s another good point =D

deSMOnd said...

I still prefer original products..Haha!!

sl619 said...

for me, products from well known third party makers such as iGear, Fansproject, Crazy Devy and few others produce toys that are of the same quality as the original and much pricier too. But importantly, they look cool and fits their original counterparts perfectly.
However, my trust for lesser known third parties are very low. haha!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
I know that you always have been in the anti bootleg league. So I presumed on the stand of fan project point of view, you can accept the product. Hee! Hee!

>> deSMOnd
Always good to get original parts. However, some vintage toys are no longer in production and getting the missing parts can be a up hill task.

>> sl619
Bro, you are right that fan projects and third parties toys related to TF had bloomed and some to the extend that they are compromise so well with the original and some original fan projects could be so well made that they do cost a lot.

bluedrakon said...

I am not too keen on bootlegs myself and prefer having the originals.

With that said, I think this would be a nice buy as these are getting harder to find. Vintage Transformers are rare and if you do get them, it usually means some $$ depending on condition.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I under your point of view on bootlegs bro. The vintage TF will continue getting more rare with increasing collectors and yes, this is an expensive hobby that doesn't guarantee profit in future.

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