Wednesday 23 February 2011

Aaron's Grand Macross Collection

Time to draw the curtains for the moment of Aaron's ultimate Macross collection on 1/48 Yamato valkyries. When I first saw the first few pics, I thought this was Yamato warehouse storing Macross toy (Macross stacko reaching the ceiling). Unbelievable number of stealth valkyries and strike parts. There's lotz of valkyries available in the market but still the number of strike parts are never enough to cope and they are now hard to come by. Aaron had also displayed his toys neatly at those detolf shelves whereby spacious arrangement had brought up the elegance of these masterpieces.


Little Plastic Man said...

Ohhh...I just love to see others collection!

chrismandesign said...

OMDG !!! i’m shocked !!! PLOP... indeed this doesn’t look like a collector’s toy room but as a toy warehouse... & i guess this is not the end... somebody has to build a toy museum @@@.@@@

LEon said...

The boxes alone can be wallpaper of the room already. Impressive.

Dennis I think if you open your toy, your collection and box will not lose to him. LOL

sl619 said...

The view is mesmerizing. XD
I can still spot MISB items on top of those stacks. Soon, the boxes will be stacked on a "second row", and the current view would not exist any more..
and btw, i second Leon's opinion! Your own collection is not that small you know. =p

Ant Sized Man said...

Hot damn!

Never seen so many and look at all those armoured parts!

bluedrakon said...

Is that a door behind those boxes?
Did you get 'boxed' in the room?
It is amazing the number of Valkyries he has in that collection.

will sneak in like a ninja and grab a few

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Little Plastic Man
Yes, it's always inspiring seeing others' collection.

>> chrismandesign
So you have the same reaction as mine. Lol... With all our collection combined, it will be a photo gallery of toy museum. Hee! Hee!

>> LEon
Oh yes, the boxes are like wallpaper or backdrop. my collection does take a longer time to be what it's like today. Thx for the support. Hee! Hee!

>> sl619
You are very observance bro! I bet your collection is impressive too with all the passion you have for toys. Cheers!

>> Ant Sized Man
Those strike parts & GBP parts are indeed overwhelming like tsunami. Ha! Ha!

>> bluedrakon
Definitely enough boxes to block the door. Lol.. Can you imagine the investment on Macross. Totally deculture!

sl619 said...

well er... its growing but not there yet~ =p

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! Just a matter of time bro!

jeroprime said...

wow..Awsomw collection. I wish i can be like that also in 1 day.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes bro! This is a WOW WOW collection in my opinion too! It's a pity I gave up on 1/48. The single towline already took up so much space.

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