Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gasaphon SD Ryofu Tallgeese

There are little things in life that excited us and this is one that charm me the moment I walked passed the capsule machines corner a fine day. A capsule for two dollars and this big kid (me) had ten one-a-dollar coins all ready to test a game of luck. Lucky enough, I managed to get this petite Sangokuden SD Red Hare in just two tries. I already had Sangokuden SD Ryofu Tallgeese some time back on EBay so now I have the perfect combination. The SD Red Hare comes with Lu Bu Ryofu's weapon and armour which will fit nicely on any Sangokuden SD GM which I got from the following tries.


LEon said...

This one like a mini me version of the BB Lu Bu. That photo of both of them together is so cute!

bluedrakon said...

Giddy up Horsie!!

I really wish they had these here in the US. I know my son would love to get his hands on some quarters for that.

chubbybots said...

Haha the great joy we take in the little things! Great lucky grab man :P

chrismandesign said...

is this a vintage gashapon ??? i like the pearled finish of the paint & well, the horse is a perfect complement =)... as u, i find a lot of pleasure in lil’ things, details that make happier ur life (though to try my luck in gashapon machines is not my idea of pleasure XDDDDD)

deSMOnd said...

How many of them left for this series since you are collecting them?

sl619 said...

what a lucky "boy" XD
nice pics posing it with the "adult" SD ver.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
Yes bro, I had that in mind when I try to blog about this toy.

>> Bluedrakon
I feel sorry for you and your kiddo every time you mentioned about the unavailability of such toy in States. With collectors like you guys, I'm positive situation will improve in the near future.

>> chubbybots
I totally agree that it's the joy you get from the item and not how much it cost of the size of it.

>> chrismandesign
For a gasaphon, I also think it's quite nicely made. Can tell you are someone who likes small toys through your blog. Small toy like gasaphon can be very exquisite too!

>> deSMOnd
Not all bro! I'm contented with Lu Bu & GMs.

>> sl619
I'm lucky when spending money but less lucky winning money. Ha! Ha!

Tachikawa said...

For a gashapon, you need big luck...
Not like playing trump card and Poker
I have tried once, but I get Giroro in Keroro Gunso...I thogut of getting Kururu...huhuhu

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