Saturday, 30 October 2010

Gundam Event @ Bugis

Here I am enjoying my Saturday morning starting with watching Unicorn Gundam Episode 2 'The Second Coming of Char' @ Bugis theatre all thanx to Shengtai Toys and fellow blogger friend Leon (founder of Open The Toy). At the theatre entrance, we were given high quality handbook on Unicorn Gundam Episode 2 and catalogue on soon-to-come Gunpla. This time round, Shengtai had also thrilled fans by having lucky draw after the screening with giveaways like HGUC Unicorn Gundam kits, Unicorn Gundam Episode 2 Bluray and MG Sinanju as the grand prize. Oh no, I'm not the lucky one!

I will leave my comments on the screening in my next posting with pics on the Unicorn Gundam Episode 2 handbook as I'm more excited wanting to show you peeps what I saw after the screening. I feel very privilege to be one of those given the chance to do a media coverage of Gunpla event held in Bugis BHG which is the display of gunpla on MS of Unicorn Gundam and soon-to-come kits. Phototaking is prohibited inside BHG shopping centre without a pass. Hee! Hee!

Today at BHG Bugis, I get to see first hand how the PG Strike Freedom Gundam actually looks like. Other soon-to-come Gunpla on display included Mega Sized Zaku II Red Comet and Real Grade Zaku II Red Comet. Fan of Gouf Custom like Ngee Khiong and Chubbybot will like this new installation of 1/144 HGUC Gouf Custom (it's the gatling gun of course).

BHG is also having a 30% discount on Unicorn Gundam merchandises that you see on display only for today so it's no wonder the area is crowded with Gundam lovers.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

HG 1/100 Astray Gundam Red Frame

There's my best buy of this month and without doubt goes to this built and painted 1/100 Astray Gundam Red Frame in ivory white, gloss red and matted black. As for the beam rifle, it was given that tarnished metallic effect. This kit was released before the MG version and due to its popularity, it's simply out of stock @ most online store for an ideal 1/100 scale.

A beautiful version of the Gundam Astray (red frame) as piloted by Lowe Gule, molded in colored plastic and featuring snap-fit assembly for ease in building. In 1/100 scale it's got lots of nice detail and is superbly poseable for a kit that's not a Master Grade! Included weapons are the Gerbera Straight (sword; painted in bright silver chrome) and the Beam Rifle.

This second-hand kit was a pick from Sunday flea-market @ CSC (the usual toy hangout place) and it came loose without other accessories apart from what you see in the pics. Still, it does make a wonderful display piece. So what's more can I asked for when the seller is willing to let go of his collection for only 10 Singapore dollars. It's a steal!

Monday, 25 October 2010

DX Michael Custom Super Messiah Part 2

There's the second segment of DX Michael Custom VF-25 with the super armour donned. The toy may seem very impressive on the pics but behind the screen were some tedious work attaching the armour and ensuring that they stay in place. The frustrating part was seeing the armour dropping off, in between transformation. You don't see this when transformation seems all seamless in the anime

The design and armour of Super Messiah Michael Custom is the same as other Super VF-25F Messiah which I had posted previously. In terms of weaponary, Michael Custom have an additional long rifle for sniping purposes. Take a look at how parts of the rifle branches out. Totally mind blowing!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Char’s Counterattack DVD

Being a Gundam fan, having its DVD are inevitable and one of the movie that left Gundam fans with deep impression with awesome MS design and a strong storyboard that till today, Unicorn Gundam anime continue from there and takes the basic mecha design concept like Jegan, ReGz and Sazabi. In Char's Counter attack, we get to see the matured Amuro Ray and his complex relationship with Char Aznable. This is really the final showdown of the two heroes.

This is a single disc region one DVD in Japanese/English dialogue with English subtitles. The DVD comes with a mini booklet of Char’s Counterattack Encyclopedia. Bonus features on the DVD included:
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Gundam model music video
  • Creator filmography
Universal Century 0093. After nearly fifteen years, the rivalry between newtype pilots Char Aznable and Amuro Ray reaches a climax. For years, Char has watched as those who live on earth have oppressed those living in space. Now, he is prepared to make final stand. His plan is to make earth uninhabitable and force all of humanity to live in space.

However, opposing Char is his archrival, Amuro Ray and his allies. But as they once again come into conflict over politics and philosophy, there is something much more personal that drives the rivalry between these two men.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

DX VF-25G Michael Custom Part 1

My DX VF-25G Michael Messiah Custom has been kept too long in the box. The delay were mainly because I wanted to add colour to the display stand and in addition overcoming the dilemma of transforming the valkyrie under cautious condition. Personally, I find the transformation of VF-25 more difficult to regular VF-1. Hardest would be getting the shoulders in position.

Let's start by unveiling the valkyrie without its armour parts. Within the box, the valkyrie laid on styrofoam tray with the display stand and armour parts arranged on clear plastic insert snap fitted together. The metal composite can be found on the shoulders, heels and landing gears. The colour scheme gives a predecessor feel of Maximilian Jenius and the head design alike VF-1A.