Wednesday 22 September 2010

Gundam Team 08th - MG Gundam Ez8

Introducing my my Sangokuden BB Gongsun Zan Ez8 too!

Time to draw the curtain after the completion to my MG Ez8 which I had done without customization to retain it's originality. An excellent excuse to cover up my incompetence. Hee! Hee!

Continuing from my previous WIP, I had sprayed the gun and bazooka with dull grey, applied the scratch on stickers, more panel lining before a finish coat of matt spray. As simple as it is...

Some cool features of MG Ez8 would be the opening mechanism on the chest as well as the pocket on the legs that conceal beam saber. A good addition, the bazooka can be taken apart and be arranged neatly inside the backpack. The method of which the backpack was mounted won my praises too.


LEon said...

Well done bro. I love his backpack! This is one Gundam with a head that less Gundam looking with a mix of Zaku jaw and GM head. Unique indeed.

Yami said...

One of my Favorite Gundam, will get one in the future. i wish Bandai made 2.0 version for this MG though it seems to be highly unlikely

Rafys78 said...

All you need now is the Gouf, unless you have that already.

Ant Sized Man said...

Such a sweet looking suit from my favorite GD series.
The way you finished the basooka looks real nice, a perfect matt finish.

Ant Sized Man said...

Such a sweet looking suit from my favorite GD series.
The way you finished the basooka looks real nice, a perfect matt finish.

chrismandesign said...

this is a really nice & weirdly classic looking gundam, i must say (oh, i like classic looking gundams, but i prefer weird looking gundams... almost every weird thing is welcome in my collection =)... i think this is, more or less, the kind of personalization i’m planning for my next kits, since i haven’t no great pretensions & for me ur job is pretty fine & careful... love the backpack, that looks for me like a warrior lunchbox LOL... congrats pal !!!

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, your photos are getting better and better. Did you buy black fabric made casing for photography??

bluedrakon said...

I am highly impressed with this. I love the hidden compartments and the "backpack".

G.G. said...

ooohhh nice work on the EZ8. I haven't build a kit for so long, I am really eager to start on my next project. But too darn busy...

And I've recently become a full fledge Kamen Rider fanboy. LOL

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

what a bad-ass toy. and the backpack's awesome. congrat on getting it dude

chubbybots said...

@ GG lol so maybe a kamen rider inspired gundam from your workshop next time ^^

Haha the backpack is a very neat gimmick for the EZ8. Clean and neat work from you on this kit!

If i do have this kit maybe i can stash one nendoroid inside haha!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
That precisely what I like about it. The not so Gundam kind of Gundam.

>> Yami
I got another supporter of Ez8. This version is great for me.

>> Rafys78
Unfortunately, I'm no support of Zeon but I'm currently working on a MG GM Custom.

>> Ant Sized Man
I used matt grey spray on the bazooka and you have sharp eyes to pay notice to it bro.

>> chrismandesign
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and Gundam is still Gundam no matter new or old. Your personalized customization will sure give it more character.

>> deSMOnd
The technic didn't change and the different is made by the black cloth as backdrop. Cloth from Arab Street.

>> Bluedrakon
It's surely an impressive Gundam modified from a damaged Ground Gundam.

>> G.G.
Thx for the kind words my friend. I hope your business will bloom with the time spent paid off.

>> Asrul "iLham" Sany
I like the appearance of this Gundam of pure and gentle which suited Shin a lot.

>> chubbybots
Ha! Ha! You are always full of fun ideas bro and they never fail to interest others. Lol...

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