Wednesday 24 February 2010

G.F.F #0032 GM Sniper Custom

This is one very hard Gundam Fix Figuration to grab onto. I didn't but it when it was newly release and when I wanted, I couldn't find one on retail stores. First, I thought I was lucky to order from 'Yes Asia' but they subsequently refund the money back to me cos they ran out of stock. Next I won the item on '99 Auction' but seller did not respond to me. It was only after I post it as 'Want List' on 'SG Collect' when someone was finally willing to get go his loose piece and he gave me a good price too!

GM Sniper Custom with interchangeable parts to form RX-78-2 Gundam (Real Type Color), as designed by the legendary Gundam designer, Katoki Hajime. This set comes with more accessories, armor parts, and weapons GM Sniper Custom comes armed with two beam sabers, bean spray gun, folding hand beam gun, 2-barrel beamgun, R-4 type beam rifle, and a shield. The armaments included for RX-78-2 Gundam are a 60mm vulcan gun, beam saber (beam javelin), beam rifle, hyper bazooka, Gundam hammer, hyper hammer, and three types of shields, with one of them halved by an enemy's beam saber! As always, two custom display bases are included with the names of each Mobile Suit printed their own individual bases.


Gunstray said...

Never realy ssen the GM sniper in action, or I think I forgot, but most were pretty bad blunders,too bad for a such a cool unit, its still better than a zaku sniper^^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This one is never in any anime. Mosy customized GM came from game I guess. I do have a Zaku sniper in gasaphon. Maybe I should blog on it. Cheers!

G.G. said...

An older version of the GM Sniper was seen in action in the 08 MS Team TV series, and they were badasses.

Like I shared in my last post here, GM Sniper is one of my favorite suit. Good post Dennis! And pls do blog the Gasaphon Zaku Sniper (that one is cool too).

Dennis: Did you get to watch the 1st episode of Gundam UC yet?

chrismandesign said...

this is what i call a good looking gundam, yep... the weaponary is fantastic & the silkscreen job... what a pity that PVC can’t giv that sharp & neat finish to the pieces =( ... as G.G. suggested, why u haven’t post ur gashapon(s) yet ??? r u still tired pal ???

chubbybots said...

Ah too bad they don't have this in 1/144 kit form!! I love the weapons and overall look of the GM Sniper Custom.

In fact in one Keroro Movie, Keroro bought an MG version of this kit!! Agree with Gunstray, this is much better than a Zaku Sniper.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> G.G
Thx for the support again pal! I have yet to watch the 1st episode of Unicorn Gundam. I'm usually quite slow with following up anime. Hee! Hee!

>> chrismandesign
Still sticking to the principality of model kits over PVC toys hah! I'm tired most of the time bro. Just returned home after 15hrs at work.

>> chubbybots
Seems like there ain't many GM snipers kits around. Hmmmmmm...maybe soon to come bro to make you wish come true. I agree with both you and Gunstray that this is better looking than Zaku Sniper.

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