Macross Robotech Destroid Tomahawk Matchbox Figure

Here's another SDF-1 destroid which I had bought loose at Excelsior hotel many years back. The manufacturer is of this destroid Tomahawk is Matchbox and toy is licensed under Harmony Gold ~ Robotech. Definitely lose out to the Yamato 1/60 version in term of detail and articulation. But this baby is very durable for a toy and the price has remain very affordable till now. There's still quite a number of these circulating on Ebay.


LEon said...

It still look good! Look quite new. No rest for the screw too!

GunStray said...

I m likeing the darker gray color for this one.

G.G. said...

Another one! Nice.

Did you know that in the Battletech universe, this mech is know as Warhammer? hahah the U.S. folks didn't have the creativity to create a nice looking mech, so they ripped off of Macross.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
I think the plastic quality is good in the first place.

>> GunStray
The 1/60 Yamato version has a few colour variant, if I'm not wrong Olive color too. May the darker gray colour you refer to is of a small scale by Matchbox too.

>> G.G
Oh yes, I have seen Battletech in Warhammer game having same design as of destroids. This is the impact of Macross or should I say Robotech in U.S during the early years.

Ant Sized Man said...

For an 80's toy it looks great.

chrismandesign said...

the old fashion mechas seems to b a great inspiration for new generations’ mechas... this is a toy, in all the sense of the word, and a nice toy i must say, one of ur treasures i guess =)... Matchbox has a well-known reputation so this is a classic & the best of all: is ur classic !

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Well said Chris! There had been a lot of companies that existed for a while but not many can sustain their business like Matchbox. It's like when you think of small little metal toy cars, you think of Matchbox.

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