Saturday, 21 November 2009

Gundam Welcome Anime Festival Asia 2009

AFA 09 @ Suntec City
Suntec City may not be as grand as Toyko Big Sight but it's a nice scene from where I was standing

AFA 2009 Entrance
Entrance to AFA 2009 - I had to queue up for 20 minutes to get my hands on the tickets

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 1
Like most other events, Bandai steals the show with its strategic location

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 2
PG 00 Raiser

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 15
PG Zeta Gundam

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 11
PG Wing 00 Gundam

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 19
PG Astray Gundam

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 20
Nice shield of Astray Gundam

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 16
PG Zaku II

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 4
Entry to one of the ten Bukuc Challenge 2009 Finalist - Black Exia becomes Oda Nobunaga

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 6
Entry to one of the ten Bukuc Challenge 2009 Finalist - Cool Zeon MSV

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 18
Entry to one of the ten Bukuc Challenge 2009 Finalist - Flags of our Fathers. Hee! Hee!

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 5
Entry to one of the ten Bukuc Challenge 2009 Finalist - Unicorn Gundam

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 3
1/144 HCM Pro Unicorn Gundam is finally out. Unfortunately the release price is S$170/-

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 17
HGUC NZ-666 Ksyatriya

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 7
This is the next big thing! 1/35 scale Gundam Fix Figuration! It's big though it's not as big as Jumbo Grade! It's definitely detailed for a toy

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 8
GM Sniper 2 by Fusion Works- I still have not buy this!

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 10
God Gundam by Fusion Works

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 9
Powered up God Gundam by Fusion Works

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 14
Beside Sengokuden BB Gundam, Bandai has released BB Samurai Gundam from Japan Edo period

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 12
The greatest Japan warlord once served by the famous Toshiie Maeda & Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I'm currently watching Japan series 'Toshiie & Matsu'. Hee! Hee!

Gundam @ AFA 09 Pic 13
A strong rival of Oda Nobunaga!

This an emergency insert post on Anime Festival Asia 09 that just happened today @ Suntec Convention Hall. I have bought only the 1 day ticket worth S$15 cos I did not set aside more budget for Anisong concert. I had experienced 6 hours at AFA 09 so the money spent had been worthwhile. Bandai had occupied quite a big area @ AFA 09 and so fans of Gundam are given big treat. Stay tune for more.....

What's @ AFA 2009...


Bluedrakon said...

WOW - I have to love those professional Gundam model builders. I think my son would love the SD Gundams more - maybe I should get a kit for him?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Those Gunpla really were well-built. I practically spent most of my time at this section.

SD Gundam appeals to big kid like me too. I have the Ryofu Tallgeese of Lu Bu Sangokuden. I'm sure your kiddo will like them. Very easy to assemble too!

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, thanks for your photos and coverage as I didn't go to AFA every year :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Great coverage! Reminds me of the time we did the STGC 2009 coverage. Too bad not really into Anime so did not go.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
I understand bro, there may not be a straight link between anime and toys. I believe you are also more inclined to western toys. It's make me happy to share the pics taken.

>> Little Plastic Man
Thx Adrian! I'm also more of a Gundam fan than anime fan. I will post of other things I saw a AFA09 soon. It was really fun back then @ STGCC 2009.

LEon said...

Thanks for the heads up. When I read your post, it seems like GFA rather than AFA. LOL

LEon said...

GFA = Gundam Festival Asia.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I'm a big Gundam fan, so my first post on AFA 09 may seems biases. Ha! Ha!

Shaun said...

any price on the 1:35 RX bro? Thanks for the detailed coverage.

deSMOnd said...

Yes Dennis, you are right..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Shuan
I'm also eager to know but where was no price reveal of 1/35 Gundam Fix at AFA 09.

>> deSMond
To know you more, we should have more coffee chats. Hee! Hee!

Ant Sized Man said...

Sweet pics of all those awesome gunplas. All those PG version are the best, really wouldlike to get one of those.
Looking like an excellant event.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This is also an important event for me beside STGCC. There's lotz of Gundam on display and that makes my day.


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