Friday, 27 November 2009

Beautiful People I Met @ AFA 2009

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 1
Archer from 'Fate Stay Night'

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 2
I was totally thrill to see cosplay of Ranka Lee Nyan Nyan. She was together with other cosplayers which I had unknowingly cast them aside and on when I tunnel vision on Miss Ranka for phototaking. She's very sporting and gave me this sweet pose

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 3
Kawaii dress & wings

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 4
These Naruto dudes really are friendly & cheerful!

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 5
Cool poses by Bleach cosplayers

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 6
Prince of Tennis

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 7
Apart from cosplaying Sheryl Nome (which is my favourite), I really admire the professionalism of this gorgeous lady. Despite standing at the same spot, posing for photographers for long period, she has remain polite and had courteously nodded her head to photographers and bowing in thanx

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 8
So glad that I'm able to take this pic with her

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 9
She's very cute! Nice pose!

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 10
Mr K attended AFA 09 too!

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 11
Alto from Maross Frontier

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 12
I'm taking Micheal's place during his absence! Beautiful Klan Klan! There's even passerby asking how she put on those lovely elves ears and asking which character she's cosplaying

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 13
Characters from Macross Frontier

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 14
One Piece cosplayers

Cosplay @ AFA 2009 Pic 15
Totally awesome! Franky from 'One Piece'.

We ain't sure if she's a cosplayer. We approached her because she's just so pleasing to the eyes

My overall experience at AFA 2009 is a more than pleasant one. It's always enjoyable to be at a place I wanted to be and doing things I like a lot. It's a day well spent and I really appreciated that my wife helps take care of my two wonderful children while I was @ AFA 2009. I shall conclude my postings on AFA 2009 with the beautiful people I met. The cosplayers at Suntec City had drawn lotz of attention from passerby and making Singapore a more interesting place.


LEon said...

The last photo I have no idea what she cosplaying too but I stand with you on your comment on her.

btw what are the One Piece cosplayers doing? Very...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Even when she's using her handphone, others just kept snapping at her. She's popular!

I have no idea what those guys on the right were up to. Maybe they ain't already for the group photo yet. Hee! Hee!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

So lucky arr...dude!

deSMOnd said...

Lots of cute girls around..You are a lucky man!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hee! Hee! It was hunting season!

Ant Sized Man said...

The lovely lady cosplayers, the best part of any anime convention. Kawaii

planchette(: said...

"The last photo I have no idea what she cosplaying too but I stand with you on your comment on her.

btw what are the One Piece cosplayers doing? Very..."

To Leon: "Very.." What? Anyone who can just exercise some commom sense would know that they are NOT ready for a photo, and only Sanji and Nami were posing.

Nevertheless, thanks Dennis for the event coverage. Was directed to this link. =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you.


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