Wednesday 2 September 2009

Arriving @ Gundam Fiesta 2009

Entrance is guarded by this human size godfather RX-78 Gundam. The event area is about the size of 3 badminton courts. Not a very big area but it's well organised and utilised. Sorry that I overlook taking pics on the layout. Perhaps you can visit Shaun's blog 'Fortress of Testicular Fortitude' for the layout and preparation before official opening. Great sneak preview Shaun!

This is the grand entrance of Gundam Fiesta 2009. The blue printing on the carpet illustrated the actual foot print of 1/1 scale Gundam

You will not miss this backdrop the moment you step into the event area of Compass Point. There are also other posters within the Compass Point on information about Gundam to lure you over! Facing the crowd is a human size 00 Gundam. It is the first time 00 Gundam of this scale is exhibited in Singapore. Other human size Gundam previously exhibited in Singapore would be Destiny Gundam during STGCC 09, Exia Gundam during AFA 2008, Freedom Gundam and Gundam RX-78 @ during Vivo Gundam fair This magnificent 00 Gundam is worth taking a closer look. Impressive double GN Drives on the shoulders

A consolation to Gundam fans who didn't get to see the life-sized Gundam @ Shiokaze Park. This booth will give you a video presentation of 1/1 scale Gundam right from conceptualization to reality. Only Gundam's popularity has the pushing factors to make all these possible.

This is a 1/35 Jumbo Grade RX-78 Gundam Marking Type on display. Does it look as though you are already @ Shiokaze Park. Click here on my previous posting on Jumbo Grade Gundam. The biggest Gundam in my collection.

Accompanying Gundam guarding the entrance is human size Char's Customised Red Comet Zaku. At the background, you can see posters of all the Gundam animation series.

It all begins 30 years ago with Mobile Suit Gundam starring Amuro Ray. Following the timeline based on the year of production.

As you walk along the aisle, you will see model kits of different lead Gundams from respective Gundam animation series. A closer look at some of the Gundams hall of frame. From the left, V Gundam, F91 Gundam and Gundam GP01 fb

This is my favourite Gundam among all Gundam anime series. Gundam EZ8 from Gundam 08th team. However it's not that useful in most SD Gundam G Generation games cos EZ8 is land-type and could not be deployed in space.

I didn't have any of the refreshments except the a cup of tea cos of the engrossment on phototaking and interaction with guests like Mr Takayoshi Oyma (Bandai Toy), Mr Ng Chern Liang (Sheng Tai Toys) & Mr Chur Soo Hiong (AFA Anime Festival Asia)

There is no more waiting for Singapore biggest gundam event of the year. Toys and Gundam fans had marched to Compass Point to witness this spectacular event and I don't think you should be left out. Being a toy blogger has again gained me the privilege to access the event premises first hand before it was opened to public. My apologises to the late posting due to some hiccups at my grandfather's funeral wake yesterday.


LEon said...

Nice coverage. I have linked you up over at my blog. :)

deSMOnd said...

Bro, sorry to hear for your lost one..Anyway, thank you for your coverage for the Gundam event..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Leon
Thx a lot!

>> deSMOnd
Thank you for the condolences. I glad my grandpa is now with his god.

kodomut said...

Heh, I din see the Sniper gundam. Hope to meet up more often for events such as this!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes! I'm looking forward to meeting you again probably @ AFA 2009.

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