Thursday 13 August 2009

STGCC Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2009

Gosh!!! I had deleted my previous posts on STGCC 2009 by mistake so here I am doing a recollection of the event after 6 years. OMG! My bad! Fortunately I managed to recover some the photos holding those precious memories of this awesome field report and gathering of toy bloggers, had fun and shared tips of our interests. Looking back STGCC where Hot Toys had not dominated the event and things were less commercialized. A time where we see more cartoonists and creative artists showcasing their talents, a time when lotz of things were still @ an infant or exploring stages. If I remember correctly, the display of Transformers Optimus Prime toys were the collection of a local toy collector. A joyous event which I returned to the venue on many occasions to meet colleagues and old friends, glad their beautiful smiles were preserved and to think that many of them had settled down with marriages and kiddos of their own. Do I sound like an old man?! Lol  

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