Thursday, 20 August 2009

Gundam Fiesta 2009

Singapore is never a boring place! We have STGCC 2009 in August and right after it we have Gundam Fiesta 2009 in September! There will Gunpla exhibition, modelling demostration, activities and contests. Click here for the official website. To all the local Gundam fans 'Embrace yourselves and band together regardless which faction (E.F.S.F or Zeon) you support'.


KazeTora said...


GunStray said...

You got It right it bro^^

Canada is pretty boring though T^T

Willie said...

Wow! Can you tell them to come to kuching Sarawak?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> KazeTora
I'm with the Earth Federation! Ha! Ha!

>> GunStray
But Canada has beautiful sights and nice weather.

>> Willie
They should recognize that there is a strong and big pool of Gundam fans in Kuching Sarawak like yourself, Dragonsim, master Ngee Khiong & more....