Monday, 4 May 2009

Wanted Trading figures!!!

Ys figure collection

Hero Adol

Japan release Valkyrie Profile trading figures

Aluze only available for Japan release

Currently looking for these 2 trading figures related to video games. Top list is Hero Adon from Ys and the second item is Aluze from Valkyrie Profile. Won't be easy to find Adon cos the figurine collection were released five years ago in 2004. As for Aluze, I'm in dilemma whether to spend S$60/- to get one on Ebay. Guess I need a lot of patience and perservance...


LEon said...

I hardly seen this locally. Did you try latendo?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Had searched locally but no luck. Wat's latendo bro?

LEon said...

Latendo is toy shop who have quite a collection of gashapons and trade figures. They are near Indoor stadium there now.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx for the lobang bro! I will give it a try.


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