Wednesday 22 April 2009

1/55 VF-1A Max DYRL Super Valkyrie

Front view of box

Back view of box

Toy on translucent insert

Nose of the plane ~ pilot M.Jenius

Awesome skull squadron logo on wing tail


Serial no. of my toy

VF-1A Max DYRL in gerwalk mode

Gun pod...

Taking the shot with white background

I like the blue heat shield a lot

VF-1A Max DYRL in battroid mode

VF-1A Max DYRL in fighter mode with fast pack

Check out the booster from rear

Armour on!

Comparing fast pack of TV & DYRL version

Which colour scheme to you prefer?

Bandai 1/55 scale valkyries have always been my favourite Macross toy line and I can’t help buying 1/55 scale VF-1A Max DYRL super valkyrie especially when it’s the first time Bandai ever made this version.

The box and insert for 1/55 scale VF-1A Max DYRL super valkyrie is similar to 1/55 scale VF-1S super valkyrie box set, released in 2001. Both the boxes are thicker that the vintage box sets.

If you compare the super parts of VF-1S (released in 2001) with VF-1A Max DYRL, you will find the super parts of VF-1A Max DYRL having a dark and more greenish colour scheme. As for the valkyries, VF-1S (released in 2001) is very much white and VF-1A Max DYRL being grayish.

My explanation would be 1/55 scale VF-1S super part box set (released in 2001) followed the appearance of VF-1S on original TV series and VF-1A Max DYRL having a more ani-correct colour scheme with the movie.

It’s more enjoyable playing this brand new 1/55 scale Bandai valkyrie since I can worry less about stressing the plastic when snapping on the super parts. If you asked me, it’s definitely worth spending a price range of S$120 to S$140 for this box set.

Video review of both 25th Anniversary VF-1A DYRL super valkyries ...


LEon said...

They could have put in a pilot in the cockpit tho... That will be a nice touch.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Definitely. I understand it's a design over twenty years but they should at least put in some extra effort.

Then again, there would be different views by collectors who think that the toy should remain close to its original.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lego city togbane Er der noget bedre end at lege med tog og med lego – I kombination bliver det Lego City togbane som vi altid har på lager. Kig ind.

RiP666 said...

I think to buy it someday...hmm

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> webmaster
sorry I don't not understand your comment, but I appreciate your comment and thank you for dropping by.

I bought this because I'm a die-hard collector for 1/55 scale Macross valkyrie. But this design is less popular nowadays because most people go for Yamato's design which has better articulation and more detail.

LUCIUS said...

what happen to the pilot! I agree with Dennis more details on it should been add.

I'm still getting this piece thx for sharing the really looks when his on gear walk. :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No prob! Is this piece still easy available in your town?

Unknown said...

hi, i ejoyed your pictures.. i myself is an avid 1/55 vf collector. i also agree that this toy was & still is an engineering marvel in itself. It set the pace for all transformer designed-themed toys. Its a solidly built die-cast toy intended for playing and not a rickety-fragile display only in the cabinet figure. DYRL rocks!


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for visiting and feels good to know another collector on 1/55 Macross valkyrie toy. Really well commented and inspiring. Hoping that Bandai would pay more attention to the original TV series and DYRL toys especially reissuing or introducing 1/55 scale toy again.

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