Tuesday 31 March 2009

Street Fighter Movie ~ Van Damme

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The following morning after I had watched Street Fighter 'Legend of Chun Li', I watched this Street Fighter movie by Van Damme on DVD again (It's my fourth time). This is the kind of movie you would either love it or hate it. This movie maybe crappy or lame to many but to me, it's the best Street Fighter movie ever played by real actors. So what do I like about the movie:

- The bad ass Guile played by Van Dame
- The sexy Kylie Minogue playing Cammy
- Almost all characters from the game
- The costume of the characters
- Fast pace movie
- Packed with action & humour
- Lots of explosives
- Special ending after credits

Street Fighter Movie Trailer...


LEon said...

In this movie, chunli is very old.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I find this Chun Li quite hot leh! Maybe I prefer old woman. Ha! Ha!

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