Monday, 16 February 2009

Macross II DVD

Front cover of DVD

Rear cover of DVD

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Just watched Macross II again recently but never get tired of it. I wonder why the sequel wasn't as popular even though the plot had stayed quite true to the original. Despite a top rating anime in U.S in the past, Macross II probably didn't touch the heart of Macross fans from other parts of the world, especially toy manufacturers. The merchandise I could find related to Macross II would only be VF-2SS model kit and resin kit. I very much hope that Bandai or Yamato would answer to my prayer and make a toy valkyrie of VF-2SS.

Actually a collection of all 6 MACROSS II OVAs MACROSS II - THE MOVIE is a superb mecha marked by wonderful animation and character design by the inimitable Haruiko Mikimoto. Taking place 80 years after MACROSS - DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? the film finds the descendents of the Zentraedi/Meltrandi conflict united somewhat uncomfortably against a horde of alien invaders who are renegade Zentraedi threaten the Earth. To defeat the alien menace the Earth government must resurrect the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross once again.

Macross II Opening...

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