Thursday, 12 February 2009

Macross Chronicle 13

Front cover

Tomahawk destroid

More of Tomahawk destroid

Daedalus making up the other arm of SDF1

Macross attack is not possible w/o Daedalus

The secret of protoculture


Can't really tell the difference btw VF-22F & YF21

Lisa's old man

Lisa's daddy and fiancee

Lisa in DYRL

Elegant Lisa

Always level-headed Lisa

Lisa in civilian clothing and No. 1

Megumi and May'n duel live concert

Megumi & May'n duel live concert + Macross Frontier anime


Extra sheet ~ decal for 1/72 VF-25 is around S$25/- market rate

You will see VF-1S Max DYRL version on edition 14

Ready made Macross Frontier cosplay suit

The first cover of this issue is Tomahawk destroid but to my disappointment, there wasn't any review or product information of the toy by Yamato. Not to worry since Scorched Earth Toys had done an outstanding review of Yamato 1/60 Tomahawk destroid, as always. To make up for the mistake, Macross Chronicle editors had thrown in quite a number of pics on Megumi and May'n duel live concert. Very sweet!

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