Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Inuyasha Movies

Front view of the box

Rear view of the box

Just finished watching these three Inuyasha movies that a friend had lent me. These Odex VCD animes are in Japanese/ Mandarin dubbed with optional English/Chinese subtitles. The three titles are 1) Affections Touching Across Time, 2) Castle Beyond The Looking Glass & 3) Swords Of An Honourable Ruler.

The three movies are so intriguing that once I played the VCD, I'm glued to the chair. Even my wife stopped what she was doing and joined me watching. I always like the drawing by Rumiko Takahashi 高橋 留美子, one of which I like the most is 'Maison Ikkoku'. Her other manga turned anime I know would be Ranma ½.

Affections Touching Across Time teaser...

Castle Beyond The Looking Glass teaser...

Swords Of An Honourable Ruler teaser...

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